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Here is introducing the Tanabata Festival in Shonan Hiratsuka with the gorgeous pictures in this site.

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The Tanabata festival in Shonan Hiratsuka is a star festival in the summer which is held every year the day of Tanabata on July 7th in Hiratsuka city, Japan.
Tanabata is an event to deify the star introduced from China originally, but is was made an annual event in Japan as the romantic Tanabata legend.

Tanabata legend is a two-star story of lovers in the vast galaxy.
Once upon a time, the emperor of the galaxy and Vega (The Japanese name is Orihime), his daughter lived in a luxurious palace which is on the eastern coast of the MilkyWay. One day, she fell deeply in love with the courageous and handsome Altair (The Japanese name is Hikoboshi), who live on the west coast of the galaxy and married him.
However, because she neglected her weaving, The emperor of the galaxy was angry and banished the bridegroom. In a result, the couple was separated far across the Milky Way. But after that, the emperor of the galaxy had permitted the couple to meet at night once a year on July 7th because he cannot stand to see his daughter looked sad so much.
On that night, it is the story that the two stars meet, spanning the bridge of the Milky Way with magpies because of going across the bridge on a rain day.

In Japan, typical Tanabata festivals are held annually here in Hiratsuka and in Sendai.
Especially, the Tanabata festival in Hiratsuka is large-scale event and was held in 2008 attended by 2,400,000 visitors from the whole country during 4 days from July 4 through 7.
On the night of Tanabata in Japan, we have a custom to make an offering in front of the yard and stand up a leaf bamboo and writing wishes (There is a legend that wishes are fulfilled) on strips of paper with 5-colors.
At the Tanabata festival in Shonan Hiratsuka, the bamboo decorations which are beautiful and being very big are made throughout the town and a lot of stalls stand in a row.
At noon, a parade and a dance attraction and so on are unveil at the main street in Hiratsuka city. Also, at night, the bamboo decorations are lit up beautifully with lights, making the Tanabata festival more luxurious.

Hiratsuka city is a commerce and industry city with a population of 256,621 located on the right bank of the estuary of the Sagami river. It is located in the area which is called Shonan which faces seashore in roughly the center of Kanagawa prefecture (Refer to the panorama photograph below). Recently, it became known as the headquarters of the soccer team in Bellmare Hiratsuka (Nakata belonged) which is playing an active part in the J-League.

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Hiratsuka City
JR-Hiratsuka Station


The 72th Tanabata Festival in Hiratsuka will be held from July 5(Fri) through 7(Sun) in 2024.
*Time: Until 8:00pm / Final day's closing time: 7:00pm

Guidance Map for Tanabata Festival in Hirastuka

*We suggest the use of Train or Bus when you enter here because the traffic restriction to the road around the festival area is completely done.

Where is the star of Tanabata legend on galaxy ?
If you would like to see it, please click a link below. You can see the two stars really !

Hikoboshi (Altair) and Orihime (Vega)

The following photographs are snapshots taken by using my Digital Camera at the Hiratsuka Tanabata festival.

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1998 Tanabata Festival in Hiratsuka

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