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'BOHEMIAN SUMMER -Utada Hikaru Circuit Live 2000-'
Reports from an additional performance in Chiba Marine Stadium

Hi, all! Our wishing is granted and we went to Hikki's concert!
The date is on 12 September 2000. The place is Chiba Marine Stadium being the place of the meeting for additional performance.
The day is rain day and we were caring to the weather, however the weather is recovered at PM 6:30 being opening time, though it's a humid day, it was changed to a fine day for concert event in this season. This day, a scalper appeared at the station to sell a Hikki's ticket with large amount, though we were expecting it. I've heared a rumor that this Hikki's ticket has been sold for 100,000 Yen.
Chiba Marine Stadium is full of 33,000 per a performance. It was full to infield 2nd floor stand, and just our circumference was enveloped by a heated atmosphere.
Our seat is third base side on the first floor and we could see a stage being set on the outfield from the home base side. In the Stadium, huge screens were set by 4 places in all. So we could see the situation at stage with the real time without opera glass. Sure, also speakers were set by huge size, enjoyed with splendid sounds effect. As may be expected, we were impressed that Hikki's concert is particular.
Well, Hikki is going to appear! The time is at 6:45 PM. Opening's song begined from "Time Limit". Her costume is non sleeve, black mini skirt and black stocking. Thus she showed so sexy for us. From now, her Hikki's numbers go on continuously. As expected, her live voice is very good! Supposing Hikki is poor for song(but this is false absolutely), I could forgive her because she gave us a splendid voice. I wanna say to anti-Hikkis here, Hikki also give marvelous song to us in a live concert! I've heard that Taxi's drivers and Hikki's fans were hearing at the outside in Stadium. They said that we were fascinated by her voice really. She said, "Here Tiba Marine Stadium is rallied by the people over 3 times than local performances. I hold out to respond the people". Hikki's fight is fully. So a voltage of Hikki's fans is risen all at once here. If my memory is right, I think Hikki changed her costumes by 3 times(included an encore) in this day. Correctly, in opening, it is black costume in right photo which is 2nd located from bottom(same left photo in top). Next, a costume of left in bottom. And a pink costume of 2nd located from bottom. A final costume for an encore is a spangled dress. When she changed her costume at 2nd times, it is started for the time of mimicking. Here, she tried a mimicry. First song is "Tsumi-to-Batsu" of Ringo Shena. Next is a song of Masayoshi Yamazaki. Final song is a little animation song of Kureyon Shinchan.
Hikki also announce her favorite song here. First song is "I Love You" of Yutaka Ozaki. 2nd song is "Play back Part II" of Momoe Yamaguchi being opened firstly. Well, this is impressed for me really. I didn't think that I could hear a song of Momoe Yamaguchi here. We heard "I absorbed in Momoe Yamaguchi, currently she is hearing her CD every day during a week". Besides she said "So I changed my hair to the black color because of its reason". Finally, Hikki is not always best condition, but she responded to us to request for an encore. Besides, a fireworks which has been set off about 100 times were a grand sight.
Hikki, it was marvelous. thank you for splendid concert!

Quoted from Hikki's goods which was sold in Chiba Marine Stadium (a catalog below)

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