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Introduces the various gemstones and jewels (Minerals, Gemstones, Gems, Accessories) that have been collected by my hobby. Everything I've collected mainly cheapness (except for some one) and beautiful items. You can see large image to click on a thumbnail picture. I'm every time healed so much when seeing innocent beautiful stones which is a gift from the Nature. Please delight yourself with their beauty. Well, let's try studying about jewels more together in this page! (^o^)/ ... Splitted the page of gems because they've been increased.

*This page just has been created for my satisfaction, and so forgive me though displaying is heavy so much, if your network connection is not broadband.

Loose (Gem, Precious Stone - Part II)

Ruby (corundum) 1.41ct
6.9x6.7mm (Myanmar)
*This is a natural pear-shaped Ruby. Though it has been recognized having an inclusion same as the picture above, this one is a Natural Ruby of the transparent light red color.
Ruby (corundum) 1.76ct
7.5x6.3mm (Myanmar)
*This is a natural oval cabochon Ruby. Cute color is a charm, though it is most un-transparency.
Ruby (corundum) 2.15ct
8.2x6.5mm (Myanmar)
*Color is the "Pigeon Blood Red" being highest class and it's an oval facet-shaped Ruby. However, this one is a bad clarity because of having many inclusions. Ruby (Specific gravity: 4.0) is heavy than Emerald (Specific gravity: 2.7). Thus actually Ruby had seemed small size than Emerald, when comparing them in same 2ct. So, somehow I feel I suffer a loss anytime when I buy a Ruby... Is it only me?
Jadeite 18.5ct
15x20x6mm (Myanmar)
*This is a translucence Jadeite of the apple green having good gloss. I've seen it by loupe to compare with Myanmarese Jadeite. So I thought it seems the coloring process has been done. The reason is that seems white on the whole when I look through it toward the sun. I've heard latest Jadeite's market is shared almost by coloring gem. But, I'm not convinced about this problem completely. I think its judgment by professional may be also very difficult problem whether colored or not. --> If you shave it, it'll be exposed. (^^;)
Besides, the Jadeite colored has not a big value naturally!
Emerald 1.57ct
*This is a typical emerald cut. Regrettably its mine is unknow. Emerald's feature is different according to mined country. Mass production country for emerald is Colombia and shares over 50% in the world, also it has an excellent quality. Colombia's emerald has clear green color because of attaching on the white limestone. The emerald mined from Brazil & Zambia has a feature of including the green or black color because of attaching on the black rocks.
Emerald 12.10ct
16x13mm (Brazil)
*It's overwhelmed to terrific big size. The color has beautiful emerald green and it is a natural beautiful cabochon Emerald which has a feeling of the transparency.
Peridot (olivine) 1.76ct
7.5x5.5mm (Mogok, Myanmar)
*This one is a fascination gem which is beautiful Baguette-cut. Though a peridot is a low price comparatively, it is beautiful gem not suitable for its price. However, As for the Peridot mined from Myanmar is high-class because it is so good quality. The price is increasing because those amounts of production has decreased recently.
Cantera Opal 3.33ct
10.8x9.1x5.6mm (Mexico)
*This one is a Cantera Opal imported from Mexico's Opal mine directly. Cantera Opal is a meaning of the water opal and fire opal with mother rock. The cut is polished by handmade free shape naturally and its beauty should be called as an art exactly.
ここをクリック!Diamond 0.288ct
Round Brilliant Cut
4.09 - 4.16 x 2.68 mm
*It is a Diamond which attached the sorting-report by the central jewel laboratory (AGL member). The evaluations in 4C without carat that expresses the appraisal standard of the diamond for this diamond are as follows:
Color: E (clear), Clarity: VS-1(Unvisible flaw by the loupe x 10), \Cut: FAIR(Acceptable), Fluorescence: NONE
Regrettably an evaluation of cut being important is low. But, if it'll be "EXCELLENT" that expresses an ideal evaluation for the round brilliant cut, I couldn't buy it absolutely due to becoming high value. Incidentally, these appraisal standard is based on the standard for judgment by GIA (Gemological Institute of America).
Inca Rose (Rhodochrosite) 13.27ct
Trillion Cabochon 18x18mm
*It is an Inca Rose of large grain which has been mined at the Andes. Inca Rose having a striped type is also very popular.
Blue Opal 1.11ct
Cabochon 8x6mm
*Blue Opal belongs to the kind of a common opal being no play of color and it's a faint blue gem which has a translucent state from the transparency. This Blue Opal is a faint milky blue color according to high transparency.
Natural Green Chalcedony
0.69ct 8x6mm
(Kachin, Myanmar)
*It is an attractive gem which has emerald green without coloring. This gem is one of chalcedony that is same quartz mineral as crystal. But, if this color is apple green, it is called as Chrysoprase.
Natural Chromium Diopside
1.413ct / 6.74x5.66mm
(Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*This is so rare Sri Lankan Chromium Diopside in the market. Though it is full of inclusions because of nature, the color of charming deep green is splendid.
Sapphire (For the study)
1.519ct / 7.52x5.87mm
(Sri Lanka)
*It is a stone changed to blue sapphire heated by oven during 8 hours at 1,650 degrees in Sri Lankan heat process factory from the near colorless sapphire gemstone called as "geuda". This heating process is mainly done in Thailand. It is said that estimate quantity is about 15 millions carats per year. Also in Sri Lanka, it is proceeding with the individual development, and currently Sri Lankan government has adopted the measure of the embargo to geuda. Incidentally, these processed stone is authorized as the natural gemstone in Japan. But, its actual value as the gem is low internationally.
Scapolite 1.26ct
Fancy Shape 8x6mm
*Glittering gold color is so beautiful. Japanese name is Hashira-ishi(pillar stone) and mainly it's a gem for collector. The colors are colorless, yellow, pink, blue, violet, and so on, but sometimes "Cat's Eye" stone is also mined.
Amethyst 9.0ct
Diamond Shape 12x17x8mm
*You know as a birth stone on February. It is so beautiful gem with noble color although reasonable. Though gemstone is just beautiful, its cut stone is also good. However, you should keep it out of the direct rays of the sun because it is weak to UV.
Colorless Topaz 1.160ct
Diamond Shape 7.0mm
(Sri Lanka)
*This is a Natural White Topaz mined from Sri Lanka. There is feeling of the transparency and it's so beautiful. White Topaz belongs to F-Type Topaz. Well, it has also the fluorescence shining blue due to lighting by a penlight (long wave).
(Presented by Sri Lanka Jewels)
Colorless Topaz 1.528ct
Diamond Shape 8.0mm
(Sri Lanka)
*This is also a Natural White Topaz mined from Sri Lanka same as left one. It's a little of big size.
(Presented by Sri Lanka Jewels)
Golden Labradorite 1.68ct
Princess Cut 7.0mm
(Chihuahua, Mexico)
*Golden Labradorite belongs to feldspar group. This is very beautiful golden Golden Labradorite which has been cut by the princess cut of the best class in Thailand Chantaburi.
Opal Cat's Eye 3.98ct
*Though this hasn't the play of color, such a beautiful "Cat's Eye Opal" is very rare. The chatoyancy has appeared distinctly into the center of the transparent lemon color.
Natural Garnet 2.762ct
Trillion Cut 9.84x8.35mm
(Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*This one is a pure Natural Garnet mined from Sri Lanka. The origin of the garnet which is loved as a birth stone in January widely is due to associating a fruit of the pomegranate with the shape of its crystal, and it's from Latin granatum (many seeds).
Natural Garnet 2.250ct
Oval Cabochon 8.5x6.0x3.8mm
(Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*Cute Garnet that both sides are oval cabochon.
(Presented by Sri Lanka Jewels)
Charoite 23.90ct
*This is a very rare stone mined from only a part area in Russia. Also it's a new stone authorized in 1978 as a new mineral. In the world of power stones, it is known as one of big three healing-stones with Sugilite, Larimar. The name of Charoite is from the Charo River of Andal area of the Siberia being a discovered place, or "charo" that is a meaning of Russian charm.
Morganite 2.56ct
*It belongs to the Beryl family that are same as Emerald and Aquamarine,
and a light pink Beryl is called as Morganite. It was named by Dr. Kunz who is the authority of the gemology for J.P.Morgan who is the American financial group founder and an eager jewel collector. ...Even so why was not there other more romantic name? After all, Gemology is the world that is controlled with money, too!?
Natural Spinel 0.656ct
(Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*Natural Spinel mined from Sri Lanka. Very fascinating purple color. Really I'm amazed so much to the colors variation in spinel. The spinel with violet and blue color is mined almost at Sri Lanka.
Natural Spinel 0.539ct
(Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*Natural Blue Spinel mined from Sri Lanka. In the Spinel having various colors, especially the colors with red, pink and blue are so popular in those. Besides, it is said that has a worth currently than Sapphire heated because of those brightness and hardness.
(Presented by Sri Lanka Jewels)
Spinel 1.52ct
(Mogok, Myanmar)
*It is a reddish violet Spinel mined from Myanmar. The color which has the depths beautifully makes it feel personality.
Natural Sinhalite 0.725ct
(Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*This is a rare stone confirmed in 1952 as new mineral. The gemstones are mined at only Sri Lanka. "Sinhal" as an etymology (Sanskrit) is pointing Sinhalese old country's name which is occupied by the population of 74% . Thus it is meaning Sri Lanka. Though it's a color based on yellowish brown, it'll be changed from green to deep brown colors by some angle due to having the various color change. Hardness is 6.5 and comparatively hard mineral. So you don't have to make delicate much to deal.
Pink Tourmaline 1.76ct
9x7mm (Madagascar)
*I just want to admire the Pink Torumaline having splendid color and its stable quality. The history of name was named by Dutch merchant when imported from Sri Lanka into Europe in 1703 first. And it is said the meaning is the unidentified gem in Sinhalese because of its various colors.
Rubellite (Tourmaline) 1.46ct
12.5x5.0mm (Brazil)
*Especially vivid red color's Torumaline like Ruby is called as "Rubellite", and it is most rare and expensive gem in the Torumalines. Besides, the specific gravity in this gem becomes heavy in proportion to the depth of red color generally.
Rubellite (Tourmaline) 1.94ct
10.0x8.0mm (Madagascar)
*Rubelite mined from Madagascar. Purplish red is so steady impression.
Canary Tourmaline 1.18ct
7.0x5.1mm (Madagascar)
*The canary tourmaline which is rare and expensive is very precious. Though it is beautiful color, this one is oriented for collectors because of having the inclusions.
Kyanite 1.99ct
8mm×6.3mm (India)
*The name of kyanite is from Greek "Kyanos" (blue). The beautiful blue brilliancy makes us think of the blue sapphire. However, Kyanite that has cut is located in rare gem because the amount of production in gem quality is very few and processing it is very difficult due to having the feature of different hardness being "4 - 5 / 6 - 7.5" along the direction of crystal axis (two hardness stone).
Apatite 3.33ct
10.5x8.25mm (India)
*It is a mint green apatite with the feeling of transparency. Though it is a beautiful gem having many color variations, this one is the gem for collectors because its hardness is "5". The colors are colorless, blue yellow, violet, green and so on. And it has the type of the Cat's Eye, too.
Apatite 0.48ct
5x5mm Round Facet Mix
*This is a light blue Apatite look like the neon blue color of Paraiba Tourmaline. The Apatite with this color is mined a little and so it's rare. The etymology of Apatite is from Greek Apatas meaning "deceive". It is because of what had been confused to the other gemstones by its many color variations for a long time.
Orange Sapphire
0.98ct / 6.5x5.5x3.5mm
*Currently the Sapphires with the color of beautiful orange and padparacha (Meaning of the flower of the lotus in Sinhalese) that see well are almost colored by the heat-enhancement. That technique is by heating it with the powder of Chrysoberyl as a catalyst and changing a color on the surface. This beautiful orange sapphire is the treatment stone enhanced by a similar technique, too. Well, currently as for the sapphire which it dealt with such beryllium with, a discrimination document isn't issued in Japan.
Aquamarine (Beryl) 2.31ct
*This one is an aquamarine of the emerald cut. The aqua color having a feeling of transparency make the clear sea feel.
Fire Opal 1.34ct
(Chihuahua, Mexico)
*The feeling of transparency with reddish orange such as flare-up is very nice.
Lemon Quartz 2.28ct
*Lemon Quartz is a quartz which had become the lemon color by sulfur ingredient. This stone is beautiful color including a little of green.
Cat's Eye (Chrysoberyl) 0.87ct
(Sri Lanka)
*It is a beautiful Cat's Eye having a body of the lemon color with the feeling of transparency, though it's small size. Chatoyancy appears clearly without shining a light and it's so cute superb article.
Spinel 3.15ct
(Mogok, Myanmar)
*The feeling of transparency and light mouve color is charming. Though it recognizes a little of the inclusions, this one is proud of big size.
Natural Spinel 1.093ct
(Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*It is a Blue Spinel having the transparency and gloss. This one should be evaluated highly originally, if it have not a clack included. The coloring of the Blue Spinel is due to including the irons generally. However there is the special Blue Spinel that colors blue by the cobalt & zinc, and especially the Blue Spinel of cobalt type is rare and expensive.
Blue Moonstone 1.696ct
10.72x8.11mm (Galle, Sri Lanka)
*This is a Moonstone mined from Galle which is famous as royal blue. It has the inclusions. But, I'm impressed to beautiful blue schiller.
Orange Moonstone 1.0ct
7x5mm (India)
*Ordinarily, Moonstone (feldspar) is colorless or milky color. But, also there is an orange color's Moonstone such as this because of the difference of ingredient.
Hessonite 1.279ct
6.56x6.93mm (Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*Mined Natural Hessonite (Orange Garnet) in Sri Lanka. Hessonite which is the dark gold color like burning so strongly is best color. The crystal of the honey inclusions being the biggest features is very beautiful, too.
Indigolite (Tourmaline)
0.58ct / 6.7x4.9mm
*This one is beautiful Indigolite having the feeling of transparency. Indigolite is one of colors included in the Blue Tourmaline same to Paraiba Tourmaline and it's also rare stone.
1.17ct / 8.2x6.1mm
*It is the tourmaline whose light lime color with a feeling of the transparency is beautiful.
Color Change Garnet 0.34ct
3.9mm (Sri Lanka)

*It has been almost mined and now it is the Sri Lankan color change-garnet which became the jewel of the vision.
Natural Jadeite 1.02ct
7.75x5.15mm (Kachin, Myanmar)
*This is a very rare Jadeite that has beautiful natural green color without coloring.
Natural Zircon 1.06ct
6x5mm (Mogok, Myanmar)
*This is a natural Zircon which is glittering golden color beautifully.
Spinel 0.64ct
(Mogok, Myanmar)
*It is the spinel of clear pink color. As for the spinel of this color, there is as popular as red color.
Tanzanite (zoisite)
0.85ct / 7.1x5.1mm
*The Tanzanite of large size is rare. It can enjoy the brilliance of beautiful violet blue all the more. In the beginning, it was called as Blue Zoisite, and Tanzanite which was cheap became a high-class stone now.
Sapphire (padparacha color)
0.45ct / 5x4mm
*This one is the Sapphire of padparacha color. The padparadscha color is exactly located in the middle color from orange to pink. Maybe it is one of fancy Sapphire done the surface coloration by heat treatment (bulk diffusion) at Madagascar and so on., though its mine is not clear. That evidence is the color unevenness of the part of facet. The padparacha color is expensive (a kind of swindle) even though it has been colored such as the Sapphire above (Same as the earthenware).
Sapphire 0.93ct
7.0x5.0mm (Mogok, Myanmar)
*It is the sapphire of midnight blue which is the basic color as well. This color seems still to be a sapphire best.
Sapphire 0.54ct
5.0x5.0mm (Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*It is a natural Yellow Sapphire (light yellow) being rare. The trillion cut is very elegant.
Morganite 1.94ct
*It is Morganite whose Pear Shape is beautiful. Let's call as Pinkish Beryl or another name as for the Beryl of cute transparent baby pink! The name just given to leave the fame of very rich boss is too pitiful.
Natural Spinel 1.319ct
(Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*It is the spinel of beautiful pinkish red. This is high grade and beautiful spinel with good glossy. A checker board cut favors the brightness of the highest class all the more. There is popularity very much in this color as well as red spinel.
Natural Spinel 0.323ct
(Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*It is the spinel which became padparacha color by pink's mixing with the orange inclusions. This one is a very unique gem.
(Presented by Sri Lanka Jewels)
Natural Blue Spinel 0.414ct
(Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*It is truly Sri Lankan gem. This is a beautiful blue spinel which has the brightness of vivid blue like a blue sapphire.
(Presented by Sri Lanka Jewels)
Zinc Spinel 1.97ct
(Mogok, Myanmar)
*Though ordinary blue spinel colors the blue due to containing of the iron, there is a special spinel which colors the blue by cobalt and zinc, too. Zinc Spinel colors the inkish blue (nearly black) mainly by zinc.
Apatite 0.99ct
7.2x5.1mm Oval Mix
*The popular apatite of bluish green color. It has the color such as Paraiba Tourmaline.
Spinel 2.5ct
(Mogok, Myanmar)
*It is a spinel of the wine red color of the big size which feels a ruby. Though clarity is down, this color is very precious in this size. The reason why spinel is confused with the ruby until 1783 can be understood from that quality and luxury, and a rich color variation. Especially in America, currently the popularity of the spinel exceeds the ruby and sapphire.
Spinel 1.89ct
(Mogok, Myanmar)
*It is the spinel that orange mixed with pink slightly The various colors of the spinel always make it enjoy us.
Blue Opal 1.69ct
*The color of the refreshing pastel blue is very wonderful.
Scapolite 9.28ct
(Mogok, Myanmar)
*It is Scapolite of cute pink. Though natural crack is contained into the boundary line of bicolor, big size is a charm.
(Presented by J.STELLA)
Danburite 0.65ct
(Mogok, Myanmar)
*Though Danburite is general to be transparent usually, Danburite such as a faint champagne color is rare and expensive unexpectedly. The octagonal step cut makes beauty more. Especially, the evaluation of Myanmar or Madagascar is regarded as high.
Emerald 1.67ct
7x6.8x4.4mm (Colombia)
*Though it becomes the evaluation of the lower class because the color of this emerald is light green, it is the good emerald of the luster.
Trapiche Emerald 2.87ct
10x5.6x8.5mm (Colombia)
*Trapiche Emerald is mainly mined from the Muzo mine in Colombia. Muzo is known as the place of production of the best class emerald. The amounts of production of the Trapiche Emerald are under 1% in all emeralds, and it is the very rare emerald. The origin of "trapiche" is from the reason that shape was like "the gear of a sugarcane squeezer" which is a Spanish farming equipment. It is said that the process which becomes the shape of this mysterious hexagon isn't made clear even at present. This gem has the color of deep green which is the characteristics of the emerald which can be mined at Muzo mine.
Blue Moonstone 6.03ct
11x9x8mm (Mogok, Myanmar)
*Blue schiller is very beautiful though natural crack is inside.
(Presented by J.STELLA)
Turquoise 2.32ct
10.5x7.5mm (Afghanistan)
*This Turquoise that is a blue color like deep blue sky is very attractive.
Rose Quartz 9.15ct
18x11.5mm (Madagascar)
*It is very clear Rose Quartz with a feeling of the transparency. Incidentally, when it is cut by cabochon, as for the rose quartz which isn't transparent, it is known as that Asterism effect (Star) will be seen.
Inca Rose (Rhodochrosite) 5.02ct
11x10mm (Argentina)
*Cute reddish pink is the charm of Inca Rose.
Golden Beryl 2.73ct
12x8mm (Brazil)
*This Golden Beryl (Heliodor) is particularly very luxurious impression even in the Beryl group.
Spessartite Garnet 1.06ct
6.8x5.4mm (Madagascar)
*All of a feeling of the transparency, the color and the brightness is complete beautiful Spessartite. The passionate color of mandarin orange is attractive.
Sapphire (For the study)
1.216ct / 7.23x4.90mm
(Sri Lanka)
*This is a Sapphire that heated (enhancement) Sri Lankan geuda. Though it has the inclusions, it is burned beautifully and shines.
Sillimanite 1.47ct
7.0x6.5mm (Mogok, Myanmar)
*This one is the Sillimanite of purplish gray mined from popular Mogok in the rare stones.
Brandy Quartz 1.53ct
7.75mm (India)
*It is the crystal which has the color of beautiful reddish brown.
Mali Garnet 0.70ct
(Republic of Mali)
*A Mali garnet is the garnet which has the color tone of beautiful yellow discovered in the African Mali republic in 1994. This garnet has two kinds of ingredients of grossular and Andradite (titanium and manganese are contained).
Umbalite Garnet 1.10ct
(Umba, Tanzania)
*It is the rare color change garnet produced from Umba in Tanzania. It has characteristics that shines to vivid red under the incandescent lamp.
Sea Blue Chalcedony
3ct 10x8mm
*Still it is the chalcedony of the new color which made its debut at the end of 2002. The color of translucent pastel blue which it is made to think of the southern sea with is very beautiful. Sea blue chalcedony has created by coloring to the chalcedony.

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