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Introduces the various gemstones and jewels (Minerals, Gemstones, Gems, Accessories) that have been collected by my hobby. Everything I've collected mainly cheapness (except for some one) and beautiful items. You can see large image to click on a thumbnail picture. I'm every time healed so much when seeing innocent beautiful stones which is a gift from the Nature. Please delight yourself with their beauty. Lastly, let's try studying jewels a little more together in this page! (^o^)/

*This page just has been created for my satisfaction, and so forgive me though displaying is heavy so much, if your network connection is not broadband.

Natural Stone's Bracelet

Group A
Group B
Rose Quarz 8mm
Rainbow Fluorite 8mm
Peridot 4-5mm
Moonstone 8mm
Blue Moonstone
Inca Rose (Rhodochrosite) 6mm
Aventurine 8mm
Green Apatite
Garnet 6mm
Rhodonite 8mm
Blue Agate 8mm

MEMO (Except for Commented Stone)
*Aventurine (Indian Jade) The stone of translucent green with green chromium mica that mixed into quartz. Main mine is India and called as "Indian Jade" popularly because it has been substituted for jade being beautiful green.
*Rhodonite This is silicic acid manganese mineral, and it is a stone with the black lead and zinc mixed into pink manganese. Etymology for "Rhodo" of Rhodonite is from Greek rose (Rhodon). Main mine is Brazil.

Updated on 2022.06.19
In addition, the recently collected collections of natural stone bracelets, pendant tops, etc. are posted on the blog site linked below.

Recent jewelry collection

Other (Includes a handicraft and an artificial stone)

Tiger Eye's Invitation Cat
30mm 21g
*What a cute cat this is! The tiger eye of gold brown is a formed stone by the cause that quartz soaks into asbestos. Its coloring is based on the iron. This is the rare stone which can be mined only at the Glicaland located in western area of South Africa.
Citrine Pendant-Top
29mm Silver 925 (WG Chain)
Swiss Blue Topaz 4.40ct
Gem: 14x10x6mm (Africa)
Top: K18WG Frame (WG Chain)
Jadeite Necklace & Bracelet
*Jadeite: 10x14mm
*Top & Chain: 420mm (Silver925)

*180x6mm 9.8g (Silver 750)
Sodalite's Dolphin
54x21x33mm 23g
*Feels the transparency to the sodalite though it is the group of Lapis lazuli.
Diamond Ring - Pt900
Diamond: 0.262ct (4.2-3.8mm)
Blue diamond: 0.01ct
Opal Pendant-Top
Stone: 9x7mm Pendant:24x15mm
Silver 925 (Bali island, Indonesia)
*It seems to be a doublet opal... Silver used by a pendant is precious metal which has high heat and an electrical conductive rate, and reflects the strong brilliance when be polished, The reason that becomes black using the silver accessories is what its surface is covered by silver sulphide due to responded to the hydrogen sulfide, ozone during water and sulfur dioxide (sulfuration). Ordinarily silver is alloyed with other metals because pure silver is too soft for jewelry. What is "Silver 925"? It expresses 92.5% for a purity of silver. Well, the silver in Japan is influenced with sulfuration easily against the Western because it is a volcano country.
Peridot Ring - K18G (5.5mm)
Peridot: 3 stones 3x6mm / Diamond: 2 stones
(Jewelry Tsutsumi)
Emerald Ring - K18WG (8mm)
Emerald: 9 stones (0.90ct) 2x2mm
Diamond: 16 stones (0.17ct) 1x1mm
(Jewelry Tsutsumi)
*Ordinarily, Emerald is soaked by the oil and resin to enhance the transparency.
Sapphire Ring - K14WG (3.5mm)
Sapphire: 3 stones 2x2.5mm
White sapphire: 2 stones
(Jewelry Tsutsumi)

*White Gold (WG) used by a ring is an alloy with Gold, Nickel, Copper, Palladium (High-class Spec.) and Zinc. About the White Gold for jewelry, usually also adopts the method using a plating by Rhodium and Palladium to enhance a brightness.
Agate Coaster
90mm 64g
*Ordinarily agate is colored mostly. Though Agate and Chalcedony are same Quartz mineral with Crystal, their crystallizations are different to Crystal because crystallized by gathered micro-crystals inside the rock. So it is known as a stone easy for coloring.
Platinum Necklace
Pt900 (51g)
[ a keepsake from my mother ]
(Jewelry Tsutsumi)
*Platinum (The symbol of an element: Pt) is paramount precious metal than gold and silver. Main producing districts are South Africa, Canada and Russia. Platinum is very popular in Japan, though the white gold which is inexpensive than platinum for jewelry is very popular in the Europe and America. It has an excellent endurance, and it is most stable metal (Specific Gravity:21.45, Melting point:1,775 degrees). Incidentally, the meaning for Pt900 shows that pure platinum includes 90%, the rest is alloyed with the white precious metals (iridium, palladium) to enhance the strength.
Gold Ring
K18G (13g) / Diamond: 4 stones
(a keepsake from my mother)
*Usually Gold is used as an alloy by other metals (Karat Gold) because pure gold is too soft. "Karat" is a unit for the ratio of pure gold. For example, K18 is meaning the 75% pure gold (=18/24) as 24 for 100% pure gold. The colors for a Karat Gold are decided by other metallic ratio in alloy. If copper's ratio is high, it'll become a Pink Gold, and if silver's ratio is high, it'll become Green Gold.
Venetian Mask
140x128mm 200g / imitation stones
(Made in Italy)
*Uploaded arbitrarily because it is rare goods that bought before at the stage costume shop for artiste, though not relation to this theme directly.
Synthetic Ruby 6.5ct 10x12mm
*Made by burning an aluminum powder and dyestuff. Very Cheapness (Yen 650). Bought to check the truth or falsehood. A doublet type ruby which is pasted on glass is also selling via some Thailand company these days. As for other Synthetic stones, there is a "re-crystal stone" which imitates a natural stone's property which has been developed by some Japanese company K. You should also care because Company K has declared it as new gem (I wanna just say it is fake gemstone perfectly!), and currently they are circulating among the market mainly in the high-class stones manufactured at factory. Incidentally, a special marker having response to special ray may be included into latest Artificial stone which are Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and so on to oppose the abuses. By the way, this Artificial Ruby can be seen to orange color via the LED-finder of digital camera. Don't be deceived!
Natural Ruby Pendant-Top
K18WG (18x5mm)
Ruby:1 stone (1.12ct) 10x5.2mm
Diamond: 3 stones (0.08ct)
Ruby Ring - K18 (3.5g)
Ruby: 3 stones (0.58ct) 3.9x3mm
Diamond: 12 stones (0.12ct)
(Jewelry Tashiro)

*The coordinates of the Ruby and Gold very look nice.
Natural Emerald Pendant-Top
Pt100 (11mm)
Emerald:1 stone (1ct) 7x6.8mm
Diamond: 6 stones (0.1ct) 1.5mm
*Colombian emerald has been used. Colombian emerald which shares half in the world has a feature with beautiful soft green. By the way, Pt100 is a new metal with Platinum 10%, Silver 90% and has a feature being hard to be sulfurized.
Emerald Ring - K18WG (4.1g)
Emerald: 1 stones - 5.2x4.5mm
Diamond: 8 stones - 2mm
Jadeite Ring - K18G (4.3g)
Jadeite: 3.70ct (11.5x8x4mm)
Sapphire Pendant-Top
K10WG (Top:18x6mm Necklace:45cm)
Sapphire:1 stone (1.15ct)
Diamond: 3 stones (0.06ct)
*A sapphire uses a re-crystal sapphire (Synthetic Stone). A synthetic stone seems a glass ball by all means when it is compared with a genuine stone because all is perfectly beautiful.
Blue Sapphire Ring - K10WG
Blue Saphire: 3 stone (1.25ct)
Diamond:2 stone (0.004ct)
*A blue sapphire uses a re-crystal sapphire (Synthetic Stone).
Mexico Opal Pendant-Top / 3.8g
K18G (Stone:7x6.5mm Necklace:42cm)
*It is a heart design necklace of the gold which arranged mexico opal that is shining by play of color with green and orange.
Blue Sapphire Ring - Pt900(5.4g)
Blue Saphire: 0.84ct
*It is a ring which set the natural blue sapphire in the center of baguette diamonds.
Pink Tourmaline Ring - K18(6.0g)
Pink Tourmaline: 1.98ct / 9.1x7.1mm
*It is a custom-made ring which used Madagascan Pink Tourmaline.
Yellow Beryl Ring - K18WG(4.0g)
Heliodor: 2.00ct

Inca Rose Pendant-Top - K18G(1.2g)
Rhodochrosite: 3.409ct / 9.7x7.4x5.2mm
*It is the custom-made pendant which used the Rhodochrosite (Inca Rose) mined from the Inakura mountain mine, Kobiragun, Hokkaido in Japan.
Emerald Ring - Pt900(5.9g)
Emerald: 1.688ct

Synthesis Emerald Crystal
10.29ct (11.9x14.0mm)
*It is the crystal of the very rare synthetic emerald. Fluorescence is shown against the ultraviolet rays.
Blue Topaz Ring
K18WG (2.5g)

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The Editor's Notes
Actually I've been beginning to collect the jewels from January this year since my mom passed away on March last year. Currently I'm fascinated by the jewels at all, though I was collecting it in fact for healing me with aromatotherapy as my hobby at the same time. I wanna devote all these jewels to my mom who was loving jewels and flowers...
May 20, 2004.

*Left flower arrangement has been done by me for my mom today.

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