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Introduces the various gemstones and jewels (Minerals, Gemstones, Gems, Accessories) that have been collected by my hobby. Everything I've collected mainly cheapness (except for some one) and beautiful items. You can see large image to click on a thumbnail picture. I'm every time healed so much when seeing innocent beautiful stones which is a gift from the Nature. Please delight yourself with their beauty. Well, let's try studying about jewels more together in this page! (^o^)/

*This page just has been created for my satisfaction, and so forgive me though displaying is heavy so much, if your network connection is not broadband.

Loose (Gem, Precious Stone - Part I)

Pink Tourmaline 1.76ct
13.25x6.25mm (Madagascar)
*This stone has many colors. Gives out minus ion, infrared rays. This gem is a tourmaline of beautiful shocking pink.
Natural Ruby 1.3ct - non heating
9x6mm (Africa)
*Recognizes big worth for natural stone. Ruby is one of corundum and shines with red by adding an oxidization chromium of 1-2% into an oxidization aluminum. Does an enhancement to vivid red by the heat enhancement after, because ruby mined ordinarily is not vivid red generally.
Sapphire (corundum) 0.66ct
10x7mm (Madagascar)
*Ruby and Sapphire are same stone belonging to the corundum. The Mohs scale of the corundum is "9", and it is hardness next to the diamond (hardness 10). Blue color of the sapphire is based on a little iron and titanium.
Peridot (olivine) 2.93ct
9.5x8mm (Mogok, Myanmar)
*Called as Olivine because of beautiful Olive color. It has an alias Evening Emerald, too. Main ingredients are magnesium and silicon.
Tanzanite (zoisite) 0.35ct
Pear Shape Cut 6x4mm
*Popularity is rising up though low hardness (hardness 6.5) and processed with heat. "Tanzanite" was named by Tifany for its coming from Tanzania.
Mystic Topaz 1.89ct
8.2x8.1x4.6mm (USA)
*Mistic Topaz is processed by the heat-treatment on the surface of Topaz with titanium.
Rhodolite Garnet 1.4ct
Oval Cut 8x6mm
*Popular stone which has many colors. Wine color is lovely
Iorite (Cordierite) 1.85ct
9x7.75mm (Madagascar)
*The etymology for Iorite is IOS(violet) in Greece. It has an alias Water Sapphire, too. High grade stone in Madagascar is very expensive.
Labradorite (Madagascar)
30x20x7mm 7g
*Because an etymology was discovered at Labrador seashore of St. Paul Island in Canada. Labradorite belongs to feldspar group. Inscrutable jewel like opal that a color changes according to an angle to see.
Lapis lazuli Heart (pyrite included)
25x25x14mm 14g
*Popular jewel that has beautiful azure. Stone mined at Afghanistan is high-class grade. Lapis lazuli is not a simple mineral and it is four and more kinds of mineral aggregates.
Spinel (junk) 0.5ct
5mm (Mogok, Myanmar)
*It is the spinel of pinkish red, and it is a popular color. Though there is a break in a part of girdle... Red spinel looks like a ruby well. The rubies on an imperial crown of England were not a ruby, and it was red spinel really. This is a famous anecdote.
Birthstones *2

*Please refer to the table below, if you'd like to know about the content.

Emerald 2.03ct
8.8x7.4x5mm (Nova Era, Minas Gerais, Brazil)
*Beautiful emerald is mined also at Brazil! Very beautiful though having the peculiar inclusions. Emerald colors as beautiful green by containing a chromium element into Beryl. Though the hardness of Emerald has the hardness "7.5" of the same degree to the Topaz, it has the fragile nature which fractures easily, too.
Sapphire (corundum) 1.66ct
8x6mm (Madagascar)
*Few green color is mixed. However this is very clear and beautiful.
White Opal 1.64ct
*White opal shines blue when a background is made black. And, opal is delicate jewel. Warn a crack by drying.
Mexico Water Opal 0.72ct
5.5x6.4x3.9mm (Mexico)
*The play of color with opal consists of a phenomenon of prism in silicon and water.
Mexico Water Opal 0.74ct
7.3x6.2x3.1mm (Mexico)
*Opal is the jewel which has various expressions, and their colors vary it in every stone.
Mexico Fire Opal 2.54ct
10.3x8.6x5.3mm (Brazil)
*Fire opal has a color of orange or red, the play of color and no play.
Blue Topaz (Swiss Blue) 5.47ct
19.5x7.25mm (Brazil)
*Processed by the gamma rays irradiation (treatment). Called as Sky blue, Swiss blue, London blue according to their colors. The hardness of Topaz has the hardness "8" next to the corundum.
Natural Pink Sapphire (corundum) 1.1ct
6.5x5.75mm (Mogok, Myanmar)
*This cherry pink coloring is wonderful.
Ruby (corundum) 0.76ct
6x5mm (Mong Hsu, Myanmar)
*Myanmar's Ruby is called what is most precious. Heated at Chantaburi. Very good quality. Myanmar's Ruby is called as "Pigeon Blood" and be proud of paramount beauty. Myanmar's ruby colors vivid red color against other Ruby make somber under the sun.
Ruby (corundum) 0.5ct
5.75x4mm (Madagascar)
*Madagascar's Ryby is just starting the mine since the end of 2000. So I expect to the future... This Ruby's color includes few violet color and be like a Sri Lanka's Ruby. Incidentally, about the Thai Ruby, it looks like a dark red (called a beef blood) against Myanmar's Ruby.
Spessartite Garnet 1.91ct
8x6mm (Madagascar)
*This one was cut at Chantaburi in Thailand. It is very beautiful orange color.
Tsavorite (Green Garnet)
0.27ct / 5x3mm (Africa)
*Green color is because of the Vanadium and Chromium. The etymology was named from Tasvo national park (Kenya/Tanzania) by Tiffany company. Rare stone.
Natural Blue Zircon 1.38ct
7mm (Thailand)
*Though misfortune jewel which has been misunderstood as an artificial stone, this is beautiful natural jewel having strong brilliance primarily substituted for Diamond. Incidentally, a cubic zirconia is the perfect artificial stone made by the zirconium element.
Aquamarine 2ct
*Morganite, Goshenite, Red Beryl, Heliodor and so on are same stone belonging to the Beryl.
(Presented by J.STELLA)
Tanzanite (zoisite) 0.53ct
Heart Shape Cut 5x5mm
*The brightness of deep blue purple is full of the nobility. The name of "Tanzanite" which Tiffany company associated with a Tanzanian night hits exactly.
Larimar (Pectolite) 3ct
10x6x5mm (Dominica)
*Only mined at Dominica. The stone having the stripe clearly is expensive.
Black Opal 2.48ct
8.6x12.4x3.5mm (Australia)
*Black opal is most precious in the opals. This is a real stone without Doublet/Triplet(pasted). It's expensive!
Natural Jadeite 1.78ct
10x6.2mm (Kachin, Myanmar)
*No coloring treatment. Lately coming from Myanmar is a proof to be real Jadeite. Actually, only this Jadeite's color is near to Rohkan (Translucence deep green, Alias is the imperial jade) being best class though transparency is low. It's expensive so much! Incidentally, the hardness of Jadeite has the hardness "6.5-7.0" of the same degree to the Crystal(hardness 7.0).
Golden Beryl 0.78ct
8.5x5.0mm (Brazil)
*Enchanted by the glitter of gold color! Formal name is Heliodor. The factor of coloring to yellow mainly depends on the iron influence.
Amazonite Heart
45x40x25mm 60g (Brazil)
*Unique jewel in the Micocline. There is also a clear light blue color. Named as Amazonite because found at Amazon river by the Spanish.
Star Sapphire (corundum) 2.20ct
7mm (Mogok, Myanmar)
*Oops! The star(=Asterism) is not appearing at all (-.-#) Asterism effect appears by Cabochon cutting the jewel such as Ruby, Sapphire, Garnet, Zircon, Rose Quartz and Aquamarine.
Garnet (junk) 1.14ct
*A lilac garnet is also existing. Though there is a clack inside, it is a clean color.
(Presented by J.STELLA)
Sillimanite Cat's Eye 1.09ct
7x5mm (India)
*The origin of the name depends on Silliman professor of American Yale University having discovered it. Chatoyancy appeared so much.
Cat's Eye (Chrysoberyl) 1.69ct
6.75x5.5mm (Sri Lanka)
*Root of the Cat's Eye. This is the same mineral as an alexandrite that changes its color under the incandescent lamp and under the fluorescent light.
Spinel 1.47ct
7.25x6.75mm (Mogok, Myanmar)
*It is the delicate color which is brown and orange are mixed with red, but transparent. Spinel is substituted for Ruby sometimes... But, red spinel is expensive unexpectedly.
Iorite 2.31ct
10x7.75mm (Madagascar)
*Quite looks like a Sapphire! Iorite is a jewel of blue (indigo blue) which purple mixed into a little. Specific gravity is light, and it can obtain the jewel of the comparatively big size per Carat.
Chromium Diopside 0.27ct
Marquis Cut 3x6mm (Thailand)
*Main producing district is Russia. Although substituted for Tavorite, Rare stone.
Turquoise which included Net 3.50ct
*Popular stone. Main producing districts are the Middle East, USA and China.
Inca Rose 7.5ct
Round Cabochon 12mm
*Named as Inca Rose because the Inca were using preferably this beautiful stone being rose color. This color is Pinkish Orange and a clear stone is very precious.
Nephrite (Jade) 9ct
Oval Cabochon 13x18mm
*Quite different stone (Cheapness: Yen 980) to precious Jadeite. There is a dealer who names this as "Jadeite" and who sells it. Don't be deceived! Incidentally, the hardness of Nephrite has the hardness "5-6".
Spectrolite (Labradorite)
2.5ct Oval Cabochon 8x10mm
*Especially called as Spectrolite to beautiful Labradorite which mined at Finland.
Andalusite 2.73ct
8.25x7.5mm (Brazil)
*Main element for andalusite is a silicic acid alumina and known with showing the multiple colors. It is a popular gem for collectors. Its etymology is from the Spanish Andalusia area which is a place discovered. Main producing districts are Brazil and Sri Lanka.
Imperial Topaz 1.06ct
8x5mm (Brazil)
*The topaz of Brazilian golden yellow is given the best honor in the topaz which has various colors.
Sunstone 2.98ct
10x8mm (India)
*Sunstone is a plagioclase having the formation which is like an anorthite consisting mainly of calcium, though it is same group in the feldspar being same to moon stone. Another name is an aventurine feldspar. There is included a metal small piece crystal such as red steel and copper, and it is a characteristic that glitters from the inside stone with the yellow and red rays by the angle to point light.
Green Tourmaline 1.84ct
8x6mm (Madagascar)
*It is an excellent gem that is made to be impressed feel nobility by the color tone of dark green.
Royal Blue Moonstone
0.58ct Heart Shape Facet 6x6mm
*Moonstone is a kind of orthoclase and called as moonstone because it looks like the light of moon by the play to color with blue and white (schiller effect). Its cause is an inside stone is separated with two kinds of feldspar and there is occured the border in the diffraction and interference of the light. Especially it is called as Blue Moonstone to beautiful stone with a blue color by schiller effect in the moonstones.
Goshenite 3.29ct
12x9mm (Gilgit, Pakistan)
*Colorless Beryl is called "Goshenite". Named from the Massachusetts Goshen in USA which was first discovered.
Pink Opal 8.52ct
18x13mm (Acalli, Peru)
*This is a pink jewel mined from Mexico and Peru. Announced as a mineral of "Palygorskite" formally in 1977.
Chrysoberyl 1.84ct
8.5x7mm (Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*Chrysoberyl was named from Greek "khrusos" (golden) and "beryl". Thus it is the meaning of golden beryl and had been thought as a kind of beryl long ago. But, this was identified as a mineral that is different from beryl in 1789.Chrysoberyl is also known as a mineral producing Cat's Eye and Alexandrite. Though it is no change color, it has a splendid feeling of the luster, and they are colors with yellow, green and brown.
Natural Lavender Jadeite 9.41ct
15x13.5mm (Kachin, Myanmar)
*Lavender Jadeite in comparison with a green jadeite is not popular in Japan. However it is said that is a popular color in USA.
Blue Diamond 0.17ct
3.5mm (treated)
*Treated one to natural diamond by the radiation irradiation. Almost blue diamonds in the market are treatment stone because a natural blue diamond is very expensive and rare.
Natural Star Ruby 3.45ct
9x8mm (Mogok, Myanmar)
*When it lights a penlight, "a star" appears clearly. Are they the characteristics of the heated stones in Thailand? A crack is conspicuous.
Labradorite Heart 21.2g
*Blue brightness is beautiful.
Natural Alexandrite 0.44ct
5x3mm (Brazil)
*Alexandrite belongs to Chrysoberyl being same Cat's Eye. Discovered in the Ural mountains in 1830. Its color is changed to green under the sun, and changed to red such as a magic under the incandescent lamp because of including an oxidization chromium. The history of the name of Alexandrite was named from the Aleksandr II when presented for the Czar Nikolai I of Russia of the time because of a very rare jewel, and the day was 12th birthday (April 29) for the Crown Prince Aleksandr II. Well, left picture is taken under the sun and right picture is by a penlight.
Natural Alexandrite 0.21ct
4.5x3.5mm (Brazil)
*Alexandrite is very rare jewel and one of high quality is expensive than diamond. Changing from green to red clearly is a high valuation. Left picture is taken under the sun and right picture is by a penlight. We can confirm that is emitting the beautiful schiller.
Natural Alexandrite 0.69ct
5.32x4.48x3.16mm (Madagascar)
*It has been cut by the factory in Sri Lanka from a non heating natural gemstone. Though it has an inclusion, it's giving off beautiful lights for that nature. Anyway we are very fascinated to such an Alexandrite of large size. Left picture is taken under the sun and right picture is by a penlight.
Color Change Garnet 0.16ct
3.2x2.8mm (Sri Lanka)

*This one is a sample of the Color Change Garnet which is getting it is very difficult currently. We can enjoy a color change like Alexandrite though it has a needle-shaped inclusion with peculiarly garnet inside crystal.
(Presented by Sri Lanka Jewels)
Hessonite 0.77ct x 2
4.3mm (Sri Lanka)
*It's a Hessonite (Another Name: Orange Garnet) being a representative jewel with Tavorite in the Grossular Garnet. The feature is an inclusion that looks small whirlpool of the bubble like a honey. The gemstone of good quality is mined at Sri Lanka.
(Presented by Sri Lanka Jewels)
Natural Blue Sapphire 1.381ct
7.35x5.57mm (Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)

*This is a very rare non heating natural blue sapphire. It has been cut what mined at the local factory in Ratnapura of Sri Lanka. Though this is a royal light blue color, it's a good gloss and good quality blue sapphire Real natural stone has a peculiar taste against the pottery's stone shared almost in the market. .
Natural Pink Sapphire 0.202ct
4.2x2.8mm (Madagascar)
*This is also non heating natural pink sapphire.It has been cut at the factory in Sri Lanka.
(Presented by Sri Lanka Jewels)
White Sapphire 0.45ct
6x4mm (Sri Lanka)
*In the Corundum, called White Sapphire to colorless gem.Sapphire's Mohs hardness is 9. It has 2nd hardness next to diamond and they are used mainly as a substitution of diamond in the accessories.
Blue Sapphire 2.51ct
8.75x6.75mm (Madagascar)
*Anyway, this one is a Sapphire that is proud of big size.
Kunzite (Spodumene) 6.71ct
11.75x9.75mm (Pakistan)
*One of the lilac pink having a jewel quality in the Spodumene is called as "Kunzite". It was named from Dr. Kunz who is an authority of jewels in USA. Cut gem is precious as much as Hiddenite because cutting is so hard due to the cleavage with Spodumene.
Hiddenite (Spodumene) 10.98ct
12.5x11mm (Afghanistan)
*One of the green having a jewel quality in the Spodumene is called as "Hiddenite". It was discovered at Stonypoint, Alexander county, North Carolina, USA in 1879, and was named from William E. Hidden who is a mineralogist and discoverer. Hiddenite's green is caused by Chromium.
Blue Topaz 0.90ct

*This is a treatment Blue Topaz of Swiss blue having deep blue color.
Sphene 1.36ct
8x6mm (Brazil)
*Sphene is the jewel whose brightness of rainbow color giving to yellow from green is beautiful. It is the beautiful jewel which has strong brightness though the hardness is "5" and delicate hardness. Also it's a rare stone and expensive.
Tsavorite (Green Garnet)
0.49ct / 6.0x4.9mm
*Because there is a little production of transparent quality of a jewel of Tsavorite, popularity between the collectors is high, and it is a very expensive jewel, too.
Natural Spinel
0.238ct / 4.8x3.2mm
(Sri Lanka)
*This is a Spinel of pinkish violet.
(Presented by Sri Lanka Jewels)
0.62ct / 5.0mm
*It is the tourmaline of the color which reminds it of "padparacha" in the corundum.
0.38ct / 4.75mm
*The color of blueish green looks like a Colombian emerald somehow.
Natural Kornerupine 0.752ct
(Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*Kornerupine of Greenish Yellow. This is a rare jewel named from a geologist in Greenland, the name of A.Kornerup who is a discoverer in 1884. Though it was authorized as a new jewel in 1912, a present main places of production are Sri Lanka, Madagascar and East Africa and so on. Kornerupine of quality of a jewel is so few mining, and mainly it is cut for only collectors and it is circulating. It is the jewel which has the strong multiple colors of three colors, and the green and blue are rare especially.
Kornerupine Cat's Eye 0.569ct
(Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*It is the Cat's Eye of Kornerupine. Though a crack is appearing, this is an interesting one. It looks like a coffee bean.
(Presented by Sri Lanka Jewels)
Natural Spinel (For the study)
1.391ct / 7.63x5.85mm
(Sri Lanka)
*Though it is wonderful if there is no cleavage, there are crack and inclusions.
Natural Spinel (For the study)
0.654ct / 5.95x4.46mm
(Sri Lanka)
*Though it is a clean stone exactly, there are crack and inclusions.
Hauynite 0.19ct
4x3mm (Germany)
*The production of Hauynite is rare, and all the size is a small grain, too. Naturally enough, what was cut is very precious. The brightness of the beautiful cobalt blue is attractive.
Blue Topaz (Swiss Blue) 2.90ct
8.75x6.75mm (Brazil)
*Blue topaz of the emerald cut is very refreshing impression. It is appealing for the existence in the big size.
Turquoise 1.16ct
7.6mm (Iran)
*This is an Iranian turquoise which has become rare. It is the color of the beautiful sky blue.The etymology of the turquoise is because a stone passed through Turkey from Persia and it was carried to Europe at the time of the 13th century. Incidentally, turquoise doesn't seem to be excavated in Turkey now and long ago, too.
Rhodolite Garnet 0.97ct
6.15x5.5mm@(Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*The Rhodolite Garnet of the wine red color is especially the most popular in the garnet. This one is the Rhodolite Garnet of the excellent gem quality which surpasses others in a feeling of the transparency.


Month Birthstone (other stone) Cut Jewel word
Aquamarine (Coral, Blood stone)
Diamond (Crystal)
Emerald (Jade)
Moonstone (Pearl, Alexandrite)
Ruby (Carnelian)
Peridot (Sardonix, Labradorite)
Black Opal (Tourmaline)
Blue Topaz (Citrine)
Lapis lazuli (Turquoise)
Pear Shape
Square Cabochon
Pear Shape
Brilliant Cut (0.02-0.03ct)
Heart Cabochon
Marquis Cut
Pear Shape
Round Cabochon
Oval Cabochon
Pear Shape
Heart Cabochon
Truth, Faithfulness, Friendship, Victory
Nobility, Truth
Wise, Courage, Wisdom
Purity, Immortality, Courage for love
Happiness, Honesty
Pure love, Feeling in love, Good fortune
Passion, Courage, Freedom, Dignity
Hope, Friendship, Fortunate couple
Affection, Sincerity, Virtue
Comfort, Hope
Friendship, Hope, Innocence
Nobility, Health

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