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Introduces the various gemstones and jewels (Minerals, Gemstones, Gems, Accessories) that have been collected by my hobby. Everything I've collected mainly cheapness (except for some one) and beautiful items. You can see large image to click on a thumbnail picture. I'm every time healed so much when seeing innocent beautiful stones which is a gift from the Nature. Please delight yourself with their beauty. Well, let's try studying about jewels more together in this page! (^o^)/ ... Splitted the page of gems because they've been increased.

*This page just has been created for my satisfaction, and so forgive me though displaying is heavy so much, if your network connection is not broadband.

Loose (Gem, Precious Stone - Part III)

Ruby Spinel 0.75ct
(Naryan, Myanmar)
*It is the Ruby Spinel (Red Spinel) that the brightness of vivid red is brilliant.
Star Ruby 2.5ct
(Mogok, Myanmar)
*It is the star ruby (sapphire) of the highest class that the star of six rays stands out clearly.
Paraiba Tourmaline 0.25ct
(The State of Paraiba, Brazil)
*The luster of neon blue is Paraiba Tourmaline of the beautiful super rare stone.
Sun Stone (Andesine)
1.21ct / 7.7x5.1mm
*There is the Sun Stone (Andesine) of such a rare ruby color, too. It's expensive because of rare stone. The Andesine is located between Oligoclase and Labradorite, and it doesn't have effect on Aventurine.
Taaffeite 0.85ct
(Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*This is an admired Guinness stone of big size.
Orage Sapphire 0.75ct
(Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*This is a sapphire of natural yellowish orange.
Blue Sapphire 1.46ct
*This is a blue sapphire whose color of the loyal blue is beautiful.
Natural Boulder Opal 8.546ct
(Queensland, Australia)
*It is a Natural Boulder Opal that the play of color with blue and green is beautiful..
Pink Tourmaline 2.99ct
(Minas Gerais, Brazil)
*It is the tourmaline of very beautiful fluorescent pink.
Grossular 35.55ct
(Kachin, Myanmar)
*It is the Grossular Garnet of mint green of the big size.
Light Opal 3.0ct / 0.85ct
10x8mm / 7.5x5.2mm
(Lightning Ridge, Australia)
*Australian transparent opal is called crystal opal, and the opal which has a milky feeling of the transparency like this is distinguished as a light opal.
Golden Opal 2.37ct
(Nevada, USA)
*It is a common opal of the rare gold color..
Lapis Lazuli 1.51ct
*It is the Afghan Lapis Lazuli that best ideal lazuli color is produced.
Green Tourmaline 1.25ct
*It is the tourmaline of rare apple green.
Cubic Zirconia 5.0ct
*The cubic zirconia which is an artificial stone has the refractive index which is close to natural diamond.
Bixbite Cat's Eye (Red Beryl)
0.35ct / 5x3.5mm
*Though it isn't beautiful, it is fine as "Red Beryl" of the super-rare jewel.
Ruby 6.092ct
*Though quality isn't good, big size is very attractive.
Ruby 1.80ct
*It is a dark color's ruby. Recently, I've seen a Madagascan ruby well.
Star Sapphire 2.27ct
*It is beautiful star sapphire though there is a wound in the back.
Matrix Opal 4.5ct
(Andamooka, Australia)
*Matrix Opal is the opal processed by boiling with the thick sulfuric acid after soaked into the sugar solution. It changes in the color just like black opal.
Emerald 2.17ct
*A surface is large, and there is luster though a bit of wound is seen by a part on the edge with some inclusions. It is the good one as for a color as well.
Emerald 2.09ct
*A color is the emerald which luster is superior to though it is light.
Kyanite 2.80ct
*Though it is a little light color, the color of the cobalt blue with a feeling of the transparency is very beautiful.
Natural Gaernet 3.016ct
(Ratnapura, Sri Lanka)
*It is the garnet that a checkerboard cut is wonderful.
Cubic Zirconia
19.5ct / 15mm
*It is the cubic zirconia of the big size like brightness of the diamond.
Rubellite 5.68ct
*It is the tourmaline of the big size that deep pink is vivid.
Black Opal 0.54ct
(Andamooka, Australia)
*The play of color with blueish green is so beautiful.
Tourmaline 2.17ct
*It's a beautiful Tourmaline with orangeish pink.
Natural Ruby 1.06ct
(Mogok, Myanmar)
*It is the beautiful ruby of pinkish red having jewel quality. It becomes brighter red with a red illuminant. This ruby has strong fluorescence, and sends out the fluorescence of beautiful red with the ultraviolet rays.
Amethyst 4.40ct
*It is your standard precious stone "amethyst" that purple glows.
Blue Moonstone 1.274ct
7.05x6.60mm (Galle, Sri Lanka)
*It is a beautiful blue moonstone though it has a crevasse and an inclusion.
7.16ct / 14.1x10.0mm
(Sri Lanka)
*Wine red with a feeling of the transparency is charming. The Rhodolite of the big size is rare.
Peridot 2.5ct
9.0x7.0mm (China)
*Green is deep, and it is a neat peridot with the transparency.
Demantoid Gaernet 0.11ct
2.7x2.7mm (Kerman, Iran)
*Demantoid belongs to the Andradite with a beautiful stone of grass green. It is said that it was discovered by the gold ore miner digging the gravel of the riverbed of the Ural Mountains in 1868 by chance about this stone. The crystal which contains hose tail inclusions which is Russian characteristics@is very rare, and it is popular with the maniacs.
Demantoid Gaernet 6.75ct
*Very big size is attractive with this Demantoid.
Topaz 9.75ct
(Katlang, Pakistan)
*It is the topaz of the natural color before the heat treatment.

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