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This web site is a fan site for Utada Hikaru who is Japanese greatest artiste as a young singer and able songwriter in R&B. This site has been created by Senri who is one of admirer for her and here is not her official site. If you'd like to see her official site, please access to

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Hyper Link to the Hikki's Official SiteThe music which I like most is the music of Hikaru Utada as Hikki (her nickname). I think that she is probably the most popular singer and able songwriter who is shining in Japan now. Besides, her musical sense and powerful singing are outstanding. Her husky voice, unusual for her age, is very charming. She was born in Jan 19th, 1983. To my surprise, it has recorded the top in various hit charts of the records, establishes the new sales record (Distributed over 8,300,000 copies already) in Japan and she became a top artiste at a bound in Japan when she is still only 16 years old in 1999. She is also so cheerful and very talented woman. At her American school, she jumped up onto one class because of exceling in her results. Then, she passed the Columbia University being the noble family admirably in spring in 2000, and she became a university student. Her mother, Keiko Fuji, is a famous singer in Japan and her father Teruzane Utada, is a music producer. She was born in New York and on the recommendation of her father, she started composing music and writing lyrics in English activity based on R&B (rhythm & blues) at the age of 10-year-old. She made her debut in Europe and America in '95 / '97 by the 12 inches record of indies label with the member name of Cubic U. She was also acclaimed by Lenny Kravitz as being "A young and charming Japanese singer !". She then made her debut under the name of Hikaru Utada at Japan in 1999. Right after her debut single,"Automatic/Time will tell", was released, it became a million seller. This caused her to attract considerable attention in Japan. The first album, "First Love", was released on March 10th. By the end of the month, 3,500,000 copies were sold, immediately from the storefront while twinkling. It was difficult to get one and this situation was continuing. Total sales of her CDs broke through the 5,500,000 copies on April 9th. As for "First Love", by April 23, 6,000,000 copies were distributed and by the end of April, a total of 5,239,000 copies were sold out, which is a new record in Japan. And now it has been sold over 7,373,000 copies and 8,300,000 copies were distributed already. Indeed, she is an extremely talented singer and songwriter, and she also is the pride of Japan.
You can try listening to "Automatic/Time will tell, etc.," which she composed with the sounds of "Real Player" below. Also, BGM of this page is her music "Automatic".

 <Her history after that>
*September, 2000 Entered to the philosophy course of the Columbia university. (It is withdrawing from school temporarily at present)
*May 12, 2002 Ovary tumor extraction operation.
*September 6, 2002 Married Mr. Kazuaki Kiria (34) who is a photographer suddenly.
*October 5, 2004 The sale of EXODUS being the debut album for all America.
*March 2, 2007 She divorced her husband.

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Discography - Utada Hikaru

Automatic (12cm)
1. Automatic 2. Time will tell 3. Time will tell -DUB MIX- Automatic

2. Time will tell

MP3: Time will tell -DUB MIX- (English Version)
*A bit of the clipped audio data

Movin' on without you
1. Movin' on without you Movin on without you

2. B&C
3. Movin' On Without You -tribal mix-

(Cubic U)
1. My Little Lover Boy 2. Lullaby 3. How Ya Doin' 4. I Don't Love You
5. Promise 6. Ticket 4 Two 7. Take A Little While 8. 100 Reasons Why
9. Work Things Out 10. Close To You 11. Precious Love
12. How Ya Doin'/Rap Version:as a bonus track

MP3: Close To You
*A bit of the clipped audio data

1st Album
First Love
1. Automatic 2. Movin' On Without You 3. In My Room
4. First Love First Love

5. Paint It, Black 6. time will tell 7. Never Let Go
8. B&C 9. Another Chance 10. Interlude 11. Give Me A Reason
12. Automatic ~Jonny Vicious Remix~

Addicted To You
1.Addicted To You UP-IN-HEAVEN MIX
2.Addicted To You UNDERWATER MIX Addicted To You UP-IN-HEAVEN MIX
3.Addicted To You UP-IN-HEAVEN MIX [Instrumental]
4.Addicted To You UNDERWATER MIX [Instrumental]

Wait & See -Risk-
1.Wait & See -Risk-
2.Hayatochiri(early misunderstanding due to myself) HAYATOCHI-REMIX
3.Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)
4.Wait & See -Risk- (Baton Girl Mix)
5.Wait & See -Risk- (Original Karaoke)

For You / Time Limit
1.For You
2.Time Limit
3.For You (Original Karaoke)
4.Time Limit (Original Karaoke)

Can You Keep A Secret?
1.Can You Keep A Secret? Can You Keep A Secret?

2.Kettobase! (Kick away!)
3.Can You Keep A Secret?
 (Original Karaoke)

Distance CD (Picture Label Spec.)
2nd Album
1.Wait & See~Risk~
2.Can You Keep A Secret?
3.DISTANCE Distance

7.Addicted To You [UP-IN-HEAVEN MIX]
8.For You
9.Kettobase! (Kick away!)
11.Time Limit
12.Kotobani naranai kimochi
(My feeling that is not expressed as the words)
-Bonus Track-

3.DISTANCE [m-flo remix] produced by TAKU(m-flo)
5.DISTANCE (Original Karaoke)
6.FINAL DISTANCE [Instrumental]

1.traveling Traveling
2.traveling -PLANITb remix-
3.traveling -Bahiatronic Mix-
4.traveling -Original Karaoke-
written by Utada Hikaru arranged by Kawano Kei and Utada Hikaru

1. Hikari Hikari
2. Hikari - PLANITb Remix
3. Hikari - Godson Mix
4. Hikari - Original Karaoke

SAKURA Drops/Letters
1. SAKURA Drops SAKURA Drops
2. Letters Letters
3. SAKURA Drops - Original Karaoke -
4. Letters - Original Karaoke -

2. Simple And Clean
3. Simple And Clean
-PLANITb Remix
 -Original Karaoke-
CD-EXTRA Spec: Included Screen saver/Wall papers.
(Available for Windows / Macintosh)

Our web site doesn't introduce her discography here any longer.
If you'd like to see her latest discography, please check her formal web site

02.Movin' on without you
03.First Love
04.Addicted To You
05.making of "Movin'on without you"
06.making of "Addicted To You"
+bonus track "time will tell"
01.Wait&See -risk-
02.For You
03.Time Limit
04.Can You Keep A Secret?

01.Making Of...Unplugged
02.Wait&See -risk-
03.First Love
04.Addicted To You
05.Parody 06.Kettobase!
07.With or Without You 08.Automatic 09.FINAL DISTANCE
1.Addicted To You
2.Time Limit
3.In My Room
4.time will tell
5.Never Let Go
6.Fly Me To The Moon
7.Another Chance
8.For You
10.Take On Me
11.Give Me A Reason
14.Play back part2
15.Movin'on without you
16.First Love
17.Wait & See -Risk-
18.Amai Wana -Paint It, Black
19.Living On My Own
21.First Love -John Luongo Remix

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without permission corresponds to violation in the law of copyright.
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U3 music(Produce&management) and Toshiba EMI being the copyright owner.

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