Server transfer has been completed.

update 最終更新日:2023年12月16日 at 11:17 PM

The registrar for administering a domain has been transfered last year by me.
Then, I was working to transfering from the Web server of being a host domain for this site in Japan to US in this new year.
In result of it, the all works have been completed safely today.

In this time for server relocation, I’ve decided to terminate “SENRI’S LOUNGE”, and reborn as the Senri’s portal site today.
These contents are created by Senri using WordPress being latest technology.

I’ve executed the process leading to Japanese web server currently after modifying DNS information and setting on local server.
Maybe all contents will be displayed within several days, because it’ll be propagating between servers and routers by this works.

By the way, I’ve also constructed a smart phone site for Pub Labyrinth except for this work above.
Please visit those sites once, if you’ve time.