Popcorn | Shinjyuku-ni-chome

We will guide you to Popcorn, a transsexual bar in Shinjuku-ku 2-chome. Business hours are 20:00~5:00, working shifts 3 days a week.
At the moment, we are working shifts 3 days a week (Tuesday ~ Friday and Thursday are off), but there are plans for events, etc., so please check the latest schedule on the calendar of this site.

Tanabata and jewelry site moved to senris.com's servers

Along with the termination of the service of "Geocities", a free website service operated by Yahoo! in the United States and Yahoo! JAPAN in Japan, the following two websites have been moved to this server (senris.com).
・Welcome to the Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Festival!
・Secret jewelry collection