Added Twitter (X) tweet mini button to social buttons in WordPress theme of homepage builder (HPB)

A tweet mini button for Twitter (X) has been added to the social buttons of the WordPress theme of the homepage builder (HPB). There is no need to change the Java script, just add the button image and change the PHP program. It also supports the management screen.

Fuji TV-Pop UP! Ayumi Hamasaki Furious at her fans' injuries From the "support" she talked about at her LGBT event ... 2022.05.11 On air

Yesterday, there was an interview about Ayumi Hamasaki at Shinjuku 2-chome Popcorn, and Hina Mama responded to the interview. Today's Fuji TV program "Pop UP!" was aired on Ayumi Hamasaki's ``Support'' speech at an LGBT event where she was furious over the slander towards her fans.