Creverin installed in corona measures induces cough asthma and is harmful to the human body.

Creverin of Living Room Daiso Pharmaceuticals has been installed since the end of December last year to prevent corona. After that, symptoms of asthma such as cough came out and it did not heal easily, but after removing the creverin, it is moving towards better. The cause seems to be the toxicity of chlorine dioxide.

I was deceived by a Chinese trader on Amazon, so I re-purchased "OXILOOK", a pulse oximeter for corona countermeasures from Rakuten, from a Japanese distributor.

I bought a pulse oximeter on Amazon for corona measures, but it seems to have been a Chinese trader, and I was deceived because the product did not arrive. Therefore, we purchased the pulse oximeter "OXIlook" sold by a company called FUJIKON in Japan again from Rakuten Ichibo.