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I'm Senri and I manage and operate the server for the Senri's portal site. Thank you for visiting this site. I would like to introduce myself here.


As the owner mom in Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan, I ran a transsexual pub “Labyrinth”.
My previous job was as a systems engineer in the research and development department of a Japanese computer manufacturer. Height: 171cm. My hobbies are appreciation of movies, jewelry collection, igo (5-dan) of board game, and so on.

Career (Biography)

Previously, I was a system engineer in the research and development department of a Japanese computer manufacturer. At the Tokyo head office, we provided technical support for our own products (HW / OS / SW) and development of application software such as 3D architectural CAD for engineers and dealers of shareholder companies (Panasonic, etc.).

From every day when I was devoted to development, I wanted to take a break and take on the challenge of a completely different world, so I retired from the company I worked for for a long time and changed to the world of transsexual show business. I worked for several years at show pubs in Yokohama and Hiratsuka.

I worked for Hiratsuka's show pub "Naishobanashi" for 5 years, but I had a hard time because I was not good at dancing because I had a weak motor nerve. The showtime consisted of group revue (prologue / epilogue) and individual shows, but I paid the choreographer a monthly tuition and asked for individual lessons. However, I realized that dance is not suitable for dancing and that it is something that you can learn with your body, so basically you have to learn it since you were a child.

After retiring from the show pub, I returned to the IT industry as a freelance SE (see *Skills) and established a software development company. In the meantime, the transsexual pub "Labyrinth" opened and had a smooth sailing day, but after that, due to the Lehman shock, the company that operated for 10 years was closed, and now Labyrinth (Open for 11 years in total) is also closed.

In the IT industry, most of the cases involved in the development of cutting-edge technology do not have a Japanese manual, and in particular, described in the following development results, the initial speed measuring instrument using FFT operation on Doppler wave : high-speed Fourier conversion ( Texas Instruments DSP Reference / Assembler, C-Compiler, CPU Emulator, Intel Flash Memory, etc. ), Quark Xpress plug-in (XTensions API Reference), and video capture system ( Microsoft Windows SDK - Video for Windows API Reference ) were developed while struggling with the English manuals.

Let's say that it is a skill learned in my former days, that I took in the past, thanks to various hardships and experiences, I have responded to all IT and equipment systems on my own, such as building websites and networks, installing karaoke equipment, audio equipment, and security camera systems.

I've received requests from local people to open a store in Hiratsuka again, but unfortunately, I'm no longer able to manage the store. Also, I have a feeling that I've done what I want to do, so I think it would be physically easier to work 3-4 days a week with the help of other stores.

It's a long time ago, but when I was a high school student, I became a representative of the prefecture at the National High School Go Championship, and when I became a member of society, I got a Kansai Ki-in 5th Dan diploma. If you wish, I'm happy to play with you.

* Skills
Experience OSes: Unix, Windows, Host, Minicomputer, Self-made ... Embedded / Controls / Network systems

Programming languages: ASM, C, C++, VC++, COBOL, Fortran, Basic, VB/VBA, Perl, PHP, SQL, JCL, csh, HTML/CSS

Development results: Development of general-purpose machine OS (ASM/macro assembler), CTS-computer typesetting system (ASM/COBOL/Fortran), Architectural CAD system (Basic/ASM/MS-C), development of Go software "Meiken-Go" (Supervised by Japan Ki-in] (Basic), BIOS screen control tool (ASM/Borland C/C++), Ministry of Defense/Initial Speed Measuring Instrument Based on Doppler Wave FFT Analysis of Electromagnetic Waves Mounted on Tanks (Firmware Design & Development of DSP+ One-Chip Microcomputer / Dual Processor / ASM/C/C++), Electronic Money Experiment Demonstration System (VC++/Sun C++), ISP-Provider Web Operation Management System (gcc/C++/Perl/Java), Quark Xpress DTP plug-in (implemented in VC++/DLL), Video capture middleware (implemented in VC++/multimedia SDK/DLL+ classes), Public Telephone Communication Status Statistics System (VB/Active X/SQL Server), Map Information System (VC++/Oracle), Soccer lottery TOTO terminal (communication protocol design/VB/VC++), Real estate property search system (Perl/Java/Excel VBA/My SQL), WordPress site construction (PHP/Java/HTML/My SQL), WordPress plugin Gwolle Guestbook to Localization (Japanese), CGI of the image board Joyful Note X, Multifunctional Graphic CGI Access Counter TcounT 4 Reprint of, Highly Functional Graphic CGI Access Counter T-Count 5 Reprints, etc.,

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