WordPress 5.5/5.7/6.0 へのアップグレードでクラシックエディタなどのプラグインが動かなくなった問題について(HPBテーマ & hpbseo、biz calendar等の jQuery 3.0 非互換対策)

Learn how to resolve jQuery incompatibility issues with plug-ins (hpbseo, Transposh, Classic Editor, etc.) that were affected by upgrading to WordPress 5.5, and the removal of line breaks tags in the visual editor. In the phase upgrade to WordPress 5.6/5.7, we will also provide examples of corrections to the description obsolete in jQuery 3.0 warned by jQuery Migration.

I had a PCR test at my own expense! [Results report and recommendations to the Japanese government]

I took a PCR test at Shinjuku Home Clinic at my own expense. In this blog, we will report on the results, point out that the number of PCR tests conducted in Japan is the lowest in the world, point out the Japanese government's inaction during the coronavirus pandemic, and propose future responses to the government and related food and beverage industries. To do!