Made in the phantom Tokyo Marui [German heavy tank TIGER I (Tiger initial type) I tried to run!

I ran Tokyo Marui's Tiger tank (early model), which is out of print. Check out the video to see Tiger's heroic appearance!
This RC tank is the phantom "1/24 RC Battle Tank Tiger I (early model)" released by Tokyo Marui in October 2005, which was sleeping in the closet of my apartment. You can also fire BB bullets, so even though it is old, it is still in good condition!

I went to "T's Hair", a beauty salon in Shonan Hiratsuka that I could not go for a while due to coronal disaster. By the way, Taro Kono's old story is also a little ...

I went to a beauty salon that I couldn't go to for a while due to the coronavirus pandemic. The shop is “T’s Hair”, run by the owner who enjoys surfing and fishing in Shonan Hiratsuka. The owner and I were drinking friends a long time ago at Anbaran'S, an izakaya in Hiratsuka that Taro Kono often visited.