History of this site (History in this site)

November 1997 Nov,1997
Senri Lounge opened on so-net(ISP) for transgender people Opened the Senri’s lounge for transgenders at so-net(ISP).
December 1998 Dec,1998
The host domain for this site (senris.com) was acquired from Network Solutions in the United States. Got the host domain (senris.com) for this site from Network Solutions,Inc in USA.
December 1998 Dec,1998
New SENRI’S LOUNGE opened on American web server Opened the NEW SENRI’S LOUNGE at the Web server of USA.
December 1999 Dec,1999
The site is 👉 featured in an article in the December 6 issue of Weekly Masses (1999) Cover Article This site was featured in Syukan-Taisyu being Japanese weekly magazine on Dec,1999. 👉 Cover article
May 2012 May,2012
New SENRI’S LOUNGE web archive 👉 web.archive.org – 20120511233129 New SENRI’S LOUNGE Web Archive 👉 web.archive.org – 20120511233129
December 2014 Dec,2014
Moved senris.com to a rental server in Japan Transfered senris.com to Japanese rental server.
January 2015 Jan,2015
New SENRI’S LOUNGE has ended and has been renewed as Senri’s portal site. New SENRI’S LOUNGE has been terminated, and been reborn as Senri’s portal site again.
May 2019 May,2019
senris.comCore ServerMoved to GMO Group Transfered senris.com to CoreServer(GMO Group).
February 2020 Feb,2020
at senris.com"SSL"Is complete Completion of “SSL conversion” on senris.com.
May 2020 May,2020
Implementation of structured data “JSON-LD+schema.org” recommended by GoogleComplete the Completed implementation of Google-recommended structured data “JSON-LD + schema.org”.
June 2022 Jun,2022
On core server (V1), senris.comMigrating to a new serverImplementation Migrated to the new server of senris.com on the core server (V1).