2 Belle Époc and Dom Pérignon at Shinjuku 2-chome Popcorn

update Last updated: December 14, 2020 at 2:55 PM

Last Friday, President S came to the popcorn store, and at first we started with keep bottled barley shochu, Yoshi46.

For the time being, it was safe driving, but then the accelerator opened completely, and I had two bottles of luxury champagne Bell Époc and a Dom Pérignon (white) in it.
As always, I collapsed on the way and have no 😰 memory of the aftermath.

According to a later story I heard from the staff, while I was collapsing, I also had Dom Pérignon (pink) in.
Despite the difficult times caused by the corona disaster, I would like to thank President S for visiting us and treating me to such a high-class champagne!

This time it was also sunk on the way, and it seems that it became a Merlion in the morning, and we apologize 🙇 ♀️ for the inconvenience caused to customers, mom and staff.

By the way, I got a hangover and I had 😓 the next day, Saturday, off.

Last October'sBirthday Event 2019Then, it collapsed on the street of Naka-dori in Shinjuku 2-chome, it was taken by Hina mama, and it was accommodated in the business hotel.
This yearBirthday Event 2020Then, he collapsed on the street in Kabukicho and was protected by the Shinjuku Police Station. ⇒Why are you taken by ambulance and taken to the hospital and taken to jail in a police car instead of to the hospital? 💢

It will cause a lot of trouble to the staff, but if you fall down after all, the inside of the store is 😅 safe
It depends on what posture you are in, but every time you lose consciousness and fall, a new bruise is 😱 formed.

Next time, if you fall on Naka-do street in Shinjuku, you may be imprisoned at yotsuya police station in your jurisdiction (laughs)

P.S. I plan to upload it to my blog at a later date, but the other day I conducted an antigen test for covid-19 to confirm the negative diagnosis results.

2020.12.14 Added
Again, on Friday, December 11, President S visited the store. Thank you very much very much 😀

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