In celebration of birthday, we received "Domperi Rosé Vintage 2006" designed by Lady Gaga, a limited book order of 1,000 bottles nationwide! (Shinjuku 2-chome Popcorn)

As a pre-birthday gift, I received a bottle of ``Dom Perri Rosé Vintage 2006'' designed by Lady Gaga, of which only 1,000 bottles are available for pre-order nationwide. Since it is a vintage product from 14 years ago, it has a much deeper flavor than regular Dom Peri.

Meshiya Oiso Port February 22, 2015

昨日は、お店のお客さんと大磯港漁業組合が直営するレストラン「めしや大磯港」へ行って来ました。 お酒は、鬼カサゴのひれ酒を、酒の肴は、お刺身と煮魚、焼き魚を中心に頂きました。 因みに、同席した「めしや」のママさんは、いつも通りに赤ワインを飲まれていました。 ワインはポリフェノールの効果で花粉症に良いらしいです。ワインを飲み始めて、以来、花粉症に罹らなくなったそうです。それが本当なら、わざわざ病院から花粉症の薬を処方して貰う手間が省けますので、私も是非試して見ようと思います。 ... Read more »

Silver Moon

Yesterday, before going to work, we had a light dinner at ginnoya, a small restaurant in Akashi-cho, Hiratsuka. Because the meal is a course left to you, it is a style of having you pick sake for the dish that mom made. Last night's menu was japanese steak of Wagyu beef and Ekata-maki for the stew of fish. By the way, the business day is only Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. On other days, it seems to be operating a lunch shop in another store. On this day, we were regular customers of the golf competition and it was a full table. ... Read more »

Bee Sake

Yesterday, I had a little bee sake at the shop where I stopped by with Yuna-chan after. I was surprised that there was a real sparrow bee in it, but it was delicious with a honey taste. Sashimi was also good. ... Read more »

Meshiya Oiso Port 2015/1/25

Yesterday, I went to the restaurant "Meshiya Oiso Port" directly managed by Oiso Fishing Cooperative for dinner. At this time of the year, there are few kinds of fish that can be harvested, but various sashimi such as bandits, stone bream, flounder, cold brie, etc. were delicious with fin sake of the blowfish. ... Read more »

Go with MOET &chandon!?

Tonight, we opened the MOET of champagne that was given to us for last year's Birthday New Year celebration from S-ko, and we shared it with the customers who liked go in the neighborhood who had been in the store for a long time, and we had it together. Unlike the champagne i usually drink on meteorites, the taste was good and delicious. Thank you very much, S-child, (^_^)/ ... Read more »