Replaced the water heater of the home apartment with kinriser.

update Last updated: May 26, 2020 at 2:40 PM

Because the water heater of the home apartment broke,KinleiserI requested a replacement to.

Cm that appointed the ostrich club on TV "I'm sorry for it cheap" is so popular because i'm doing frequently, but I thought it was somewhat shady, well, whether it should be cheap, this time, I have to ask Kinleiser to replace the water heater (when it broke last time, i asked a certain major gas company to replace it).

When I requested a photo of the water heater of the home apartment that I took with a smartphone (remote control, water heater appearance, piping storage room) to the receptionist and requested a quotation, there is also an influence such as typhoon damage, it becomes a manufacturer order without stock of the model, Because it was an answer that the construction was going to be six days later, i was able to approve the discount of the minute.
It did not stop, and bathing for a few days had to use the spa in the vicinity, but it was decided immediately because it was about 40% cheap estimate amount compared with a certain major gas company's special contract shop.

By any chance, there was a feeling of uneasiness whether it was cheap or bad, but the impression and correspondence of the person in charge of the reception and the construction were very good, and the construction was quick, and had it carefully constructed in the scheduled time of about one hour. As for the machinery and construction of water heaters, we were relieved that our customer service was substantial with a long-term warranty of 10 years, and that we were a decent company than we thought.

In addition, the cheap SIM that I usually useMinoeOptage Co., Ltd. is an mvno of kansai electric power system, and the former name of Kinriser is Life Service, a renovation company specializing in gas water heaters and water around, which are originally extending their services mainly in the Kansai region.
Recently, kansai-based companies that have recently expanded into the Kanto region have thorough customer service, and it seems that there are more good companies.

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