Creverin installed in corona measures induces cough asthma and is harmful to the human body.

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In order to combat corona, I have installed Taiko Pharmaceutical's creverin in the living room since the end of December last year.
Unfortunately, despite that, in mid-January of this year, Corona infection it was discovered, and it was a home recuperation.

I was really struggling to breathe, and I was prepared to die at one point, but there were also medical support from Kanagawa Medical Care Support, daily necessities, food distribution services such as beverages and foodstuffs, etc., and somehow my medical condition recovered and I finished the period of home treatment instructed by the medical treatment support.

However, it was a sequelae afterwards, and every day continued to suffer from a severe cough and phlegm. Since it does not involve breathing difficulties such as bronchial asthma, I think that it is close to cough asthma as a symptom.

However, recently, I have found that the symptoms are temporarily improved only when I go out for shopping. I thought that allergens were a factor in the presence of allergens in the room, so when I opened the windows of all the rooms completely after returning home, the symptoms of asthma were relieved as if it were a lie.

So, when I looked around the room, I suddenly noticed that there was a "cleverlin" near the sofa in the living room where I was sitting for many hours. I'm sure the cause is Cleverline, so I've removed it.

After that, the symptoms of asthma have softened a little more than before, and although it is gradually, it is improving.

Creverin is highly toxic and harmful to the human body.

The creverin container contains the following ingredients:

Chlorine dioxide
Sodium chlorite solution
High absorbent resins, etc.

It is the manufacturer's claim that these components are gasified, adhering to viruses and bacteria, and becoming antibacterial and antiviral.
On the other hand, it is naturally considered harmful to the human body, as shown in the following link,
"Chlorine dioxide is moderately irritating to the upper respiratory tract at 5-15 ppm/ Chest pain, vomiting, dyspnea, coughing occur immediately after at 30 ppm / Pneumonia at 40-60 ppm, emphysema / Death within 30 minutes at 430 ppm"
The toxicity of chlorine dioxide has been pointed out.

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According to the following linked article, chlorine dioxide is considered to be more toxic than chlorine gas, and medical experts say that safety has not been established worldwide.

🔗 What is the bactericidal effect of commercially available chlorine dioxide preparations and their safety to the human body?

Therefore, if you use crevelin that is harmful to the human body, I think that it is assumed that the room should not be closed and used after sufficient ventilation, or in a room where no person is resident.

By using creverin, immunity is reduced by causing inflammation of the mucous membranes of the throat due to stimulation of chlorine dioxide gas to the upper respiratory tract, and as a result, it may not be possible to induce infection and onset of corona, not to mention guards from corona.

As shown in the following link, it seems that the effect is questioned for products that try to use chlorine dioxide to disinfect the space in the first place.
In addition, since it has become clear that it worsens symptoms such as asthma even after coronal healing, I think that it is for the body to avoid the use of crevelin at home as much as possible for health.

🔗 Order for Measures based on the Premium Display Act for 17 Goods Distributors Trying to Use Chlorine Dioxide for Space Disinfection [2014/3/27]

If the use of creverin is assumed, avoid installation at home where chlorine dioxide is constantly sucked, and if it is a place such as a toilet of a store used by an unspecified number of people for a certain period of time, I think that there is not much harm to the human body.

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