Suddenly the PC goes off

update Last updated: May 28, 2020 at 2:44 AM

I've been using the PC since the days of Windows Vista.
The power suddenly goes off while the PC is running. Orz

Currently, the PC replaces the CMOS backup button battery and upgrades the memory from the initial 2GB to 4GB and the OS to Windows 7.
I was planning to upgrade to Windows 10 further, so I have already used it for almost seven years, I think the life is close.
However, i want you to do my best a little more, so i took a life-prolonging measure last night.
The cause of the PC's fall is that it seems to be charged by overheating and dust of the CPU, so i used the air duster purchased in Rakuten to remove the dust around the heat sink and motherboard of the CPU.
Now, so i think you'll settle down a little, i'll take a look for a while. (^_^;)

Incidentally, the Air Duster of This Sunwa Supply is filled with alternative fluorocarbons called HFC152a, but it is flammable and harmful to the human body, so it is necessary to fully ventilate during use. Yesterday, the gas alarm was activated while in use. (__;)
Of course, i use it after pulling out the outlet of the PC, but i think that it is better to power up after the next day because there is a possibility that the circuit is shorted by the water droplet adheres to the board by the cooling effect.

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