After the Shinjuku 2-chome popcorn, I went to Osakaya (okonomiyaki, monja) in Kabukicho

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This morning, I went to Osakaya, an okonomiyaki restaurant in Kabukicho, with a customer from Shinjuku Nichome Popcorn.
Osakaya is an okonomiyaki restaurant that offers a variety of teppanyaki dishes such as okonomiyaki, monja, and yakisoba. It is reasonably priced, delicious, and has a wide variety of menus, so I often use it.

at Osakaya

I ordered a beer for now. After all, beer after work is exceptional. ← Then drink at your own store! A voice 😓

The first item is mentaiko monja. Cheese is also included as a topping. Originally, powdered food is not suitable as a snack with alcohol, but monja can be a snack with alcohol.

The second item is mixed yakisoba. The yakisoba was cooked by the shop and brought to us.
The noodles are thick and contain seafood such as squid and shrimp, and are very delicious. The following pictures are taken on a small plate.

Below are squid and wiener. The squid was grilled with butter.
These were grilled on an iron plate. It was very delicious.
Thank you for the meal. 😋

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