Original Popcorn Champagne and Outdoor Stand Sign Completed

update Last updated on August 13, 2022 at 11:18 PM

Shinjuku 2-chome Popcorn's original champagne and outdoor stand sign have been completed.

Resembling or not, I think it's unique that both cast members are portrayed in the anime.

The following gallery will be unveiling original popcorn champagne and stand signs.

The original champagne will be illuminated, so you can enjoy the illumination.

When visiting the popcorn store, please check the stand sign.

🍷 Original Champagne with Popcorn

🍷 Popcorn Outdoor Stand Signs

🍷 Customers who saw the sign and visited the store

The photo is of Lisa and Maho who visited the store the other day after seeing the popcorn outdoor stand sign.
Once again, thank you very much! 😃
It may be a coincidence, but it may have a signage effect in its own way. 😅

🔗 Popcorn Store Information

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