Vaccination completion and recent status photo (Shinjuku 2-chome popcorn)

update Last updated: August 11, 2021 at 2:45 PM

As I added at the end of the following article, I successfully completed two vaccinations for the new coronavirus vaccine (made by Pfizer). The popcorn hina mama (the person on the far right of the eye catch image) in Shinjuku 2-chome is also finishing the first vaccination.
P.S. Aya-chan also finished her first vaccination on August 11.

Today, COVID-19 of Delta Strains (derived from India) is spreading, and a new pandemic is shaking throughOut Japan, and the days of war continue to be feared.

As part of infection control measures, the shop has added circulators and acrylic board partitions in addition to thorough ventilation and disinfection. (Popcorn sales will be serviced on the counter, separated from acrylic boards.)

However, since the virus is already prevalent throughout the city, it is considered that there is a risk of infection not only in restaurants, but also in workplaces, trains, karaoke BOX, saunas, department stores, supermarkets, public toilets, schools, and home.

It becomes a theory, but I think that the policy which shifts politician's responsibility to only the restaurant is the earliest if it is a policy which targets only the restaurant, and, in other words, it is made to pass on the responsibility of the politician to the restaurant.
I have been thinking since last year that legal reforms will be necessary, but I think that lockdown is the only option to suppress sudden infections.

By the way, from past reflections, I try to change from a urethane mask to a nonwoven mask, disinfect the toilet seat before use, disinfect the seat on the train, open the window, disinfect clothes alcohol when returning home, and wash my hands.

Well, I've been posting mostly IT-related stuff lately, so for a change of pace, I've uploaded some recent staff photos and selfies in the gallery below. 😉

Shinjuku Hanazono Shrine (with Aya-chan)

Selfie (at home apartment)

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