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A plugin for displaying guestbooks in WordPress " Gwolle Guestbook I created a translation file to localize (Japaneseization). You can also download it from this page.
It is not perfect yet, but the source (.po file) is also included, so if you need it, please feel free to modify and compile the source.

You can download it by clicking on the link below.

📥 gwolle-gb-ja.zip

When you unzip the zip file above, it will be expanded to the following file.

  • gwolle-gb-ja.mo
  • gwolle-gb-ja.po

You can use it immediately by transferring the above two files to "gwolle-gblang" in the plugin directory by FTP.

2021.08.26 Added
For downloading the latest translation file, please refer to the following Get PTE permissions Please refer to the chapter.

Japaneseization of the setting screen

The above is the setting screen of Gwolle Guestbook in Japanese, but it is still incomplete.
The cause may be the lack of items in the translation file and the Gwolle Guestbook program not supporting it.
As will be described later, in the current WordPress system, translation data is managed in the cloud called GlotPress. is not reflected.
The person who has authority to approve WordPress translations is led by Automattic, and the number of people is limited.

2021.08.07 Update
Fixed the translation file. The fixes are as follows: It will be updated periodically thereafter.

  • "エントリ” → “投稿"

2021.09.15 Update
Replaced the translation file with the latest version. Currently, all pages including his ReadMe page of the plugin have been translated into Japanese.
In addition, since the translation achievement rate on GlotPress has reached 100% and the translation file is automatically delivered, it is no longer necessary to download the translation file from this site.

Japanese translation of guestbooks

The above is the guestbook screen. This screen corresponds to japaneseization to some extent.
I think that it is good to edit the translation file according to the purpose of use.

The translation file can be edited with a utility called Poedit shown in the link below.
You can edit it by reading the downloaded translation file "gwolle-gb-ja.po".

About Gwolle Guestbook

Gwolle Guestbook is a very advanced plug-in that supports emoticons, Ajax functions, import/export of post data, etc. With the import function, it is also possible to take over the DMSGuestbook database.

Anti-spam features are standard for honeypot, Nonce, and Akismet, and captcha functionality is also available by installing the plug-in Really Simple CAPTCHA.
Unfortunately, it does not support Japanese, and anti-spam does not support reCAPTCHA. I would recommend this plugin.

Support on the plugin side

The other day, I posted about creating a Japanese translation file for Gwolle Guestbook on the above WordPress forum.
Therefore, I received a reply from the plugin author, but it seems that the translation files of WordPress itself, themes, and plugins cannot be released as official translations unless they are registered in an open system called GlotPress.

Anyone with a WordPress account can submit a translation proposal for GlotPress, but it will not be reflected unless it is checked by GTE (General Translation Editor) and PTE (Project Translation Editor). It turns out that it won't.
Since Marcel Pol, the author of Gwolle Guestbook, does not have the authority, I think that the formal Japanese support of the plugin is still in the future due to the procedure.

If the translation proposal to GlotPress is approved, the GlotPress system will automatically create a translation file (*.po,*.mo) and it will be included in the plugin release. is.

The following links are the Gwolle Guestbook plugin translation approval status for all languages ​​and the Japanese translation page on GlotPress.
It seems that Marcel imported the translation file I created into GlotPress, and at the time of writing this article, 9% of the Japanese translations have been approved.
Note that if the percentage of this approved translation completes reaches a certain rate (for example, 90% or more), it will not be reflected in the release. When the specified rate is reached, the language package is reflected in the release.

The link below is the approved Japanese translation of the Gwolle Guestbook plugin on GlotPress.
When I checked, I found a problem, so I suggested two corrections.

As for the corrected content, first of all, "at → 場所". This indicates the time written to the guestbook and has been corrected to "at → -" because it is clearly a strange translation. However, I think that it is good to remain "at" here.

Next is "of → の". This seems to be a word used in the entry display screen "Displaying: 1 – 5 of 5" of the guest book in the settings, but this is "of → /" because the meaning is reversed in Japanese grammar if it is "の".

It is not clear what time these corrections will be approved.

Currently, there is a proposal from the author, and we are also considering obtaining PTE in order to promptly reflect the revised contents.

In fact, this translation file is a limited version created only for japanese display of guestbooks, and only 176 are registered.
At present, there are 716 total translations of Gwolle Guestbook, as shown in the link below, and I think that it will take time to translate all of them.
If you have time, you can download the translation file from "Export" at the bottom of the screen below and create it for yourself in Poedit.

2021.08.25 Added

Get PTE permissions

Today, the acquisition of PTE rights has been approved as follows: By doing this, I think that the localization (Japaneseization) of this plug-in will proceed more smoothly.

The latest version of the Japanese translation file can be downloaded from the following GlotPress page (Translated).

2021.08.30 Added

Translation work is complete!

As you can see in the link below, today we have finished all the Japanese translation work for the Gwolle Guestbook plugin on GlotPress. All translations were written according to the GlotPress rules.
After obtaining PTE authority, the translation work progressed, and in about 5 days, a total of 1,687 translations of the plug-in itself and the ReadeMe page were completed. Since the translation achievement rate has reached 100%, the Japanese page is now automatically displayed. I think that the language package will be bundled at the time of release as well.

In addition, already, I have not finished the verification of the details such as abnormal systems, but I have completed a syntax check in Poedit (some translation sentences include exceptions) and a simple check by checking the operation of the normal system of the plug-in.

I think that there are a few people who use it, but in the future, GlotPress will accept requests for translation corrections by contributors from time to time, so thank you for your cooperation.

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