Rainbow Cafe

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* Notice: Rainbow Cafe closed on July 14th m (__) m

Actually, I am currently working at Rainbow Cafe, a girls bar in Shimbashi, Tokyo, since May.
This shop has 3 other group shops and is the largest girls bar in Tokyo where Shemale and her daughter work together.

Since I have only young girls with an average age of 25, I am in charge of senior and comics (laughs).
The shop is located at Hibiya Exit of JR Shimbashi Station, and is a 0 minute walk from SL Square.

The charge system is 1,000 yen for all-you-can-drink for 30 minutes, and 1500 yen for each 30-minute extension.
(Separately staff drink +1000 yen, TAX 10%, nomination fee 0 yen)
The price is quite reasonable, so the shop is crowded with office workers and office workers every day.

The shop is open all year round. See my calendar on the TOP page for my attendance schedule. Since it is a designated system, please tell the manager who is standing near the entrance.
(Attendance starts at 9 or 10 pm, depending on the shift of the day, work at "Rainbow Cafe" in the basement or "Bar Sky", an affiliated store on the 9th floor) ⇒ Sky bar

If you like it, please come and visit us!

For inquiries regarding this matter, please click here ⇒ Inquiry reception

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