Throw away the shop's online karaoke DAM and install Wii Karaoke U at home [then replace with Nintendo Switch]

update Last updated: May 21, 2023 at 2:29 PM

Following the closure of the store, most of the DAM communication karaoke equipment was sold and sold at Yahoo Auction from last month to this month.
With the BOSE speaker (301V / 111AD) consisting of four front and rear speakers and one YAMAHA subwoofer, the best sound system for karaoke was built, but this environment has disappeared. I'm sorry for that.

So, I am sad, so I decided to rebuild the karaoke environment using the funds I got from Yahoo Auctions and the equipment remaining at home.

For karaoke, we selected "NINTENDO x JOYSOUND @ Wii Karaoke U" which is pre-installed in WiiU.
Although WiiU seems to be unpopular as a game machine, WiiU @ GamePad operates as a JOYSOUND karaoke denmoku with more than 100,000 songs. I think it is the most suitable game console.

I chose only WiiU's BASIC @ SET because I only use karaoke, but if you want to play other games, I think it's better to choose a premium set packed with various peripherals.
However, at present, the production of BASIC @ SET has been discontinued, and WiiU itself seems to be out of stock.
Under the influence of this, I have to purchase the BASIC SET of 25,000 yen from Yafuoku at the premier price of 28,000 yen used. (No')
We also ordered an additional WiiU wireless microphone and AV cable for Wii Karaoke U. The addition was also used, i purchased it from Amazon. In the end, it was more expense than I expected. Orz
Note that WiiU does not have a LAN port, so a wireless LAN environment is required.

BOSE-111AD (2) is a speaker that has been preserved. It is suspended from the ceiling and connected to ONKYO's Integrated Amplifier A-907X.
DELL @ Inspiron-531 is a PC for BGM playback, and ZOOM's sound digital reverb & multi-effector "RFX-300" and ONKYO's equalizer "EQ-205" are also for BGM. Selector operation to bypass audio output.
For the karaoke part, simply connect the WiiU audio output to the A-907X via the WiiU dedicated AV cable.

In order to use WiiU Karaoke, you need to obtain a Nintendo Network ID and buy a ticket in advance. I purchased 90-day tickets from "NINTENDO e-Shop" using mobile Suica, an electronic money. It is convenient because it can be easily operated from The GamePad of WiiU.

Before you can start karaoke, you need to set the audio output mode to an external speaker from the Options menu of Wii Karaoke U. It is better to correct the sound, but when you use an external speaker, there seems to be no sound gap.

By the way, you can log in to Wii Karaoke U and create up to 10 avatars (Mii) including yourself in the karaoke room. The created Mii character is displayed in the GamePad reservation screen.UzaiInteresting.

At once, I selected a song appropriately and sang a few songs. GamePad Demok works as well as for business use. In addition to that, in addition to being able to make the original stage design in the "video setting" of the reservation screen, and the same "karaoke movie" as the karaoke BOX, because you can also choose the national grading online, it has become a full-fledged specification that does not let the toy be called the earliest.

Unfortunately, the number of songs on the guide vocals is small, there is no personal video, the battery of the GamePad is poor, and the performance of the microphone is not good enough.
The WiiU wireless microphone is a type that can be used by inserting the receiver into the USB terminal (Unfortunately, the WiiU microphone cannot be a commercially available product).
This microphone uses a radio frequency band of 1.9 GHz, and the frequency band of a Panasonic cordless telephone installed in the same room is also 1.9 GHz. Breaks.
Daisho Daisho's 800MHz wireless microphone system , the Cyberpro Model-800Pro, was stable. I mean, it should not be compared to the equipment of the business that the price is ten times or more in the meteorite.
Sound quality is not improved, but if you are worried about radio interference, you should use a WiiU code microphone.

After all, i wanted to play the game, so I bought 3,000 yen for rakuten and Yafuoku, both of which are new, 500GB HDD (made in Buffalo, 5000 yen) and Wii Remote Control Plus Peach (including shipping). (^_^ A
When the game is downloaded, the WiiU's main memory will soon run out of memory, so an external HDD is required.

* Added on April 22
I received a code microphone from Amazon. After all, the cord microphone has less noise and is easier to sing. Two headphones can be attached to the amplifier, so you can sing at high volume even at midnight!

★ maker site is here ⇒ Nintendo × JOYSOUND Wii Karaoke U

2023.05.08 update
Notice of termination of "Karaoke JOYSOUND for Wii U" service
For a long time, I refrained from karaoke at home, but during that time, the Wii U karaoke service was terminated as follows. 😥

It's really unfortunate news, but I have no choice but to give up. In the future, there is an option to download a karaoke app and use karaoke...

If you have a "Wii U wireless microphone" or "Wii U microphone", you can use it as is with "Karaoke JOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch".

Karaoke JOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch | Nintendo Switch Software | Nintendo

So, in order to make use of the assets of the karaoke microphone, I purchased a used "Nintendo Switch" (new model) from Yahoo Auction for 19,000 yen as follows.

なお、Nintendo Switch には、RCA端子が装備されていないため、旧式のアナログ アンプへの接続は以下の「HDMIデジタルオーディオ分離器」を設置し、ケーブルの接続を [ HDMI <–> TV / RCA <–> アンプ ] とすれば、TVとアナログ アンプが同時に利用できるようになります。


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