I'm free due to corona leave, so I'll review the doubts about the emergency declaration and the home appliances I purchased last year!

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At first... Emergency Declaration

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), the Japanese government has finally issued a state of emergency.
The 70th Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Festival, which was scheduled to be held on July 3 this year in my hometown of Hiratsuka, was also canceled for the first time since the war.
Thanks to Corona, various events were canceled, and i was forced to live in a retreat, and my usual enjoyment was taken away.
After all, the profits of freelancers, sole proprietors, small and medium-sized enterprises deteriorated rapidly due to self-imposed control, and now, not to mention their daily lives, they are in danger of life.
Big companies and public servants who have financial reserves will hold out, but as long as this situation continues, the rest of the world will be forced into bankruptcy or suicide.

The areas where the emergency declaration was issued are Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Osaka, Hyogo, and Fukuoka, and aichi prefecture, which has 238 infected people at 0 a.m. on July 7.
At an emergency press conference on the night of March 30, Governor Koike of Tokyo said at an emergency press conference that "in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it is necessary to refrain from going to restaurants with entertainment such as karaoke and live houses, as well as bars and nightclubs, and the industry that has been named as bad guys is now not expected to come to the store, and the choice of whether to close for the time being is closed.
In addition, izakaya, net café, beauty salon, taxi industry, i think the same state. In fact, the long-established show club, which has been operating in Kabukicho for nearly 40 years, closed indefinitely last month.
It is desirable to converge the corona as soon as possible.

However, the government's declaration of emergency is only a name, and people in the provinces who have been issued are free to travel to other prefectures by train or car, and salaried workers continue to commute to work on a packed train, with daily infections. On the other side, our named bar has been forced to close temporarily.
With this half-hearted measure of the government, I do not think that corona will be eradicated at all, and if the situation like "death of a snake" continues as it is, our industry does not seem to disappear from the world.

Finally, a word. Who's naming guidelines currently make place names unavailable (originallyWuhan Virus, ChinaThe good news is that the Chinese Foreign Ministry is shifting the blame by saying that "the source of the new coronavirus is a research facility of the U.S. military" and spreading a playful hoax. Really, come on! 💢
By receiving money from China and repeating pro-China remarks, WHO Director-General Tedros who delayed the immediate response to corona in each country is also heavy! 💢

Previously, when I checked the access log of the server of this site, the most common source of BOT attacks on this website was China. *
Of course, there are many BOT attacks from the US, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, and the EU, but I think China is the one that spreads the virus the most in the world of the Internet.

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These are the doubts about the government's declaration of emergency.

The following are articles originally planned to be written, and reviews of home appliances that were purchased in bulk from last fall to this spring.

Total replacement of home appliances more than 20 years ago

It was around the fall of last year, but as the times reached Reiwa, I noticed that the equipment and home appliances of my apartment had already deteriorated considerably over 20 years.

Because none of them have not been broken yet, it is possible to continue to use it as it is, but then without benefiting from the latest home appliances, and will die in the afterlife (or martyrdom in Corona I no longer feel like i was going to buy old home appliances from last fall to this spring, taking the opportunity to make a time deposit.

Purchased appliances are panasonic inverter washing machine, Panasonic LED ceiling light, elephant seal IH rice cooker, and makita lithium-ion battery built-in rechargeable cordless cleaner.

2020.4.30 Postscript
In fact, the air conditioner has broken during the self-imposed period, so Hitachi's room air conditioner is also added to the review.

2020.8.9 Append
We have replaced sharp's oven microwave oven with Panasonic's oven microwave oven, so we will also add a review of the Elec NE-MS236.

From now on, we'll review these appliances easily.

Panasonic Inverter Washing Machine (NA-FA80H7)

I replaced the two-layer National washing machine purchased more than 20 years ago with panasonic vertical inverter washing machine.
I purchased it for 112,960 yen (transportation fee, recycling fee included) at the mass merchandiser.
Because the capacity of the old model became bigger from 4.5kg to 8kg, blankets and futons can now be washed completely. Because the inverter is built-in, the operating sound is quieter than a conventional washing machine.
Moreover, i think that it is very good that the inside of the washing tank is seen because one side of the lid becomes transparent and the state of washing can be confirmed at all times.
The biggest feature of this model is that it has a function called "eco-navi" that reduces the time of washing and drying according to the water temperature (up to about 12% power saving).

Other features are as follows:

・The largest big circle inlet in the industry (about 1,368 inlet area) makes it easy for large names such as blankets to come and go.
・Clean front: There is no operation unit in front of the body, and because the opening is inclined low, it is easy to put in and out of the laundry.
Foam cleaning: The jet bubble system injects a foamed detergent solution to infiltrate the entire clothing.
・NEW POWERFUL Three-dimensional water flow: By mounting a large three-piece wing par sweater, the whole is firmly covered with dense foam, and the dirt in the back of the fiber is firmly removed.
Two-stage shower: The left and right showers with momentum penetrate the detergent solution evenly.
・Automatic tank cleaning: After rinsing, using the water of rinsing, to generate a strong water flow by centrifugal force by high-speed rotation of the inner tank, wash off vigorously the inside of the outer tank and the outside of the inner tank, to suppress the adhesion of the detergent casserole that causes black mold generation.
・By adopting a spiral tank, the protrusions of the inner wall of the tank exert a rubbing-washing effect like a washing board.

It is equipped with a lot of features of the latest, such as.

In addition, it is the thing that I actually realized to operate, but the operating sound at the time of dehydration was considerably anxious by the ground surface of the washing machine pan and the leg of the washing machine vibrates.
Therefore, when the following earthquake-resistant rubber for washing machines (Tokyo Soundproof TW660 New Shizuka) was purchased and installed from the net, oita vibration sound was reduced.

The manufacturer's site is here ⇒ Fully Automatic Washing Machine NA-FA80H7

Panasonic LED Ceiling Light AIR PANEL-HH-CD0892A

The National fluorescent light in the living room was replaced with panasonic LED ceiling light. This type is for 8 tatami mats.
It was as if i was attracted to the appearance of a UFO, so I bought an exhibit at a mass merchandiser for 12,500 yen. The service life seems to be about ten years, so for the time being, it seems to be liberated from the trouble of the exchange of fluorescent lamps.

With the following remote control, in addition to lighting and off, you can control the white system, warm color system, night light, dimming, timer control, etc.
You can also adjust the color and brightness of the center with clear panels like discs independently. Depending on the time of day, it is also possible to set the light color to change automatically.

The following is when you switch the toning to "warm color" and "night light" with the remote control.
I think that it is thought well that the place where the button of the night light and the hand light of the remote control shines faintly green when turning it off.
I think that the warm color has the effect of relaxing the atmosphere of the room, so it is a good idea to switch to a scene such as watching a movie.

Although it is a clear panel, i was afraid that dust will be attached, but so far, there is no appearance that it adheres to it in particular.
Because it adopts Panasonic's original "clean coat" which combines water repellent, oil-repellent resin, and antistatic agent, it is hard to stick to dirt and dust, and it seems to become beautiful only by wiping it lightly. It's strange.

The manufacturer's site is here ⇒ AIR PANEL LED Round Type

Elephant Seal IH Rice Cooker Extreme Cooking (NP-GJ05)

I purchased the IH rice cooker (no.3 cooking) of the elephant seal from the store of price.com for 15,478 yen. It becomes a replacement from an inexpensive microcomputer rice cooker.
After all, I thought that IH would cook better deliciously, so I chose IH even if it was a little expensive.
It is easy to set the time, and the setting is saved neatly even if I pull out the outlet, and it is easy to set the reservation of the rice cooker, and it is very easy to use it.
It was not possible to do with the previous microcomputer rice cooker though it was a natural thing because it was an age now.
By the way, this rice cooker also supports the cooking of bread.
The start of the rice is "Twinkle Star", and the end of the rice is informed by the melody of "Amarillis".

The characteristics of this rice cooker are as follows.

・IH rice cooker that adopts "Hot Boiling IH". After boiling, you can continue to cook with high fire power without catching the heat, and the plump rice to the core is cooked up.
・Over time, the sweetness of rice is further improved by "aged cooking (white rice)" which is soaked in water over time and absorbs water to the core carefully.
・You can choose the heat insulation method from the two types of "warm water" and "high heat insulation", and it is possible to keep warm for 30 hours deliciously. It is equipped with a "healthy rice menu" where you can cook cereal rice, brown rice, and golden bud rice.

I think that it is a very good rice cooker because the rice of less than the first issue was able to be cooked deliciously as follows.

The manufacturer's site is here ⇒ Elephant Seal IH Rice Cooker High Cooking / NP-GJ05

The manufacturer's site is here ⇒ Elephant Seal IH Rice Cooker High Cooking / NP-GJ05

Makita Rechargeable Cordless Cleaner (CL105DWNP)

Toshiba's cyclone vacuum cleaner was so heavy that it purchased a rechargeable cleaner with a lithium-ion battery that can be operated with one hand for 9,910 yen from a Yahoo Shopping store.
Because the color of baby pink is pretty, and it is very light, I think that even a woman can clean it with one hand comfortably.

Unlike Dyson, this vacuum cleaner is a traditional paper pack method. At the time of purchase, a reusable cloth pack is already installed to wash, but i purchased a special 10-sheet paper pack (part number A-48511) at the same time because it is troublesome to wash.
Makita also sold a reusable high-performance dust pack (A-58257), so i purchased this product.

Well, it is an impression that I actually tried.

It can be used enough to clean the flooring and tatami mats. However, because the suction power is weak, it is not suitable for cleaning the carpet and the carpet. I mean, it's impossible.
To the last, if you use it as a sub machine of the main vacuum cleaner, I think that it is convenient to be able to clean easily because it is light.
In addition, if you switch the suction force to the strongest "powerful", the battery will only last 8 minutes in normal mode for 23 minutes.

Makita's vacuum cleaner scan an expandable attachment to the Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner Called Cyclone Attachment A-67169. This vacuum cleaner is also possible to install, but it does not seem to be recommended because of lack of suction power.

In conclusion, if you are going to purchase a new makita vacuum cleaner in the future, we recommend at least a model corresponding to the cyclone attachment, i.e., models such as CL107FDSHW.
However, because the price is low, i think that it is good in this model if i use it without worrying about the suction power and the use that i narrowed down the use.

The manufacturer's site is here ⇒ Makita Rechargeable Cleaner/CL105DWN

Hitachi Room Air Conditioner Shirokuma-kun (RAS-KD22K)

During the self-restraint period of Corona, the Hitachi air conditioner installed in the Japanese-style room finally broke. Bad things overlap. 😭

I think that it is the one that it lasted a long time because it had been used for a total of 20 years though it used only by the idol.
Panasonic's air conditioner is installed in the living room next door, but the heat dissipation plate was cheap for the price, so I changed it to Hitachi's air conditioner this time.

The purchased air conditioner is the RAS-KD22K original model of the Lowest Air Conditioner D series for Hitachi's consumer electronics retailers. I purchased it for a total of 91,050 yen including additional construction as described in the following details at Kasdenki in Hiratsuka.

Air conditioner: 75,980 yen
Cost of construction: 12,650 yen *
*Main body installation, air cut valve installation, drain insulation work
Recycling fee: 2,420 yen
Total price: 91,050 yen

The difference between Hitachi's RAS-D22K and ksdenki RAS-KD22K is whether or not outdoor machines with salt damage specifications are employed.
Only models of the Kezdenki specification are painted on the fan motor mounting stand and the valve mounting plate of the outdoor machine, and seem to have increased durability.

The features of this model, which evolved greatly in the april 2020 release, are as follows.

Adoption of "freezing cleaning". You can freeze the heat exchanger before the dirt gets worse, melt the frost at once, wash away the dirt, and keep the inside of the air conditioner clean.
Adopting "Heat Attack". When set, after the cooling and dehumidification operation is stopped, the fan is heated by using the heat of the heat exchanger, and mold is suppressed.
Adopting Hitachi's unique "stainless steel clean". Because it is equipped with a stainless steel filter, stainless steel flap, and stainless steel ventilation road, dust containing oil which was serious in a conventional filter can be cleaned neatly without washing with water.
Up, down, left and right wind direction control is possible. In addition to the upper and lower flaps, the left and right louvers can also swing continuously or be fixed to any angle they like.
Energy saving function. At the push of the [eco-only] button, you can select the driving mode according to the situation of the room, and perform the comfortable and energy saving operation.
Comfortable function. If you set the [Mitoi goodnight] [timer] button at the time of cooling and dehumidification operation on a sleepy night, even after the timer time has elapsed and the operation is stopped, the set temperature is suppressed and re-operation automatically when the room temperature goes up.

The manufacturer's site is here ⇒ HITACHI Room Air Conditioner D Series

2020.12.22 Added
I found out that I used it for six months, but the sound of the outside unit is too noisy when heating. It is a level that can not sleep at night due to considerable noise.
In comparison, the operating noise of the outdoor unit of Panasonic's air conditioner (Panasonic CS-225CFR) installed in the living room is very quiet. Again, for the air conditioner, I should 😢 have chosen Panasonic or Daikin.

2021.01.07 Added
Today, I had a Hitachi serviceman repair an out-of-room machine.
The parts supporting the compressor were deteriorated, and the housing resonated with the vibration of the motor. It seems to have become a little quieter than before by the parts replacement.
According to the serviceman's explanation, this type of air conditioner (cheap) is simple to make, so the operation sound at the time of operation is louder than the upper model.
⇒ I bought a Hitachi air conditioner at about the same price as Panasonic's air conditioner ... 💦
Compared to 10 ~ 20 years ago, the quality of white goods in recent Japan has 😓 declined considerably.

Panasonic Oven Microwave (Elec NE-MS236)

Because the lamp in the warehouse of Sharp's oven microwave oven stopped lighting up, I replaced it with Panasonic oven microwave oven. I purchased it from Amazon for 22,282 yen via kagaku.com.
Below is a review I wrote on "kakaku.com".

There are a lot of features, but the operability and the pack on the function are one now.

It is a replacement after going through the oven microwave oven of the national ⇒ Sharp oven.

The color has chosen white. I was puzzled at first by the method of opening the door from above, but I think that it is good because the door opens smoothly even with light force. I also care about the design.

【Ease of use】
Compared to sharp microwave oven, I feel that the operation is a little complicated.
For example, when warming milk, you need to press the "Drink" button and have three touches, "quantity" ⇒ "start", but in sharp microwave oven, it was possible to operate with one touch.
If it is a family of four people, there are a lot of warmth, so you may not mind, but i feel that the operation is troublesome for a single person.

In this model, it is a specification of up to 800W in a normal range though it is 1000W at the maximum by warming etc.
In the sharp microwave oven, it was up to 500W, so I'm satisfied enough with power.

It seems to be due to the cool-down of the internal circuit, but even if you use a range for 10 seconds or a short period of time, the fan will continue to turn in vain after completion. Compared to the microwave oven that I used so far, I am slightly worried about the sound of the fan.

The range I used so far is the type that the inner dish turns, and I felt that the inside was narrow, but this range is the type that does not turn, so I feel that the inside is very wide. I think that it is just the right size in the size of the whole.

【Ease of care】
I think that it is easy to clean very much because there are few irregularities in the inside.

I think that the function is abundant, but when you press "Drink", I think that it should have been designed to reduce extra operation a little more, such as automatically setting the default value of the amount to one cup. I don't think it's very good for Panasonic. Also, as others have pointed out, I think that it is good that there is a menu of the rice cake etc.
In addition, the LED that displays the menu is very hard to see in the dark. The LED of the national oven microwave oven that I used before was emitting light brightly even in the dark.
After that, if you press the sensor warm button "1 Warm" with one touch, it may be hotter than you think. Unfortunately, since it is not possible to set the finish condition weakly when pressing this button at the touch of a button, I think that it is damaging the existence value of this button due to lack of function.

There are a few difficulties: the hassle of operability, the lack of function of the sensor warming button, and the difficulty of looking at the LED, but overall, I think that it is an oven microwave oven with abundant function and high cospa.

The manufacturer's site is here ⇒ Elec NE-MS236

2023.02.03 Added

A U41 error occurred and it broke in two and a half years!
When I press the "warm up" button, the U41 error comes out frequently.
I'm cleaning it frequently and the vent is not blocked, so it seems to be out of order.
I have only used it for two and a half years. It's a pity that the previous National microwave oven had been trouble-free for 20 years. Japanese household appliances are already over.
Since the warranty period is one year, even if it is repaired, it is not worth it, so I replaced it with a cheap microwave oven from Iris Ohyama. 😞

It's going to be a bad one, but the bad points of this range are as follows.
・LED is dark and hard to see
・Many unnecessary button operations are difficult to use (operability is poor)
・Even after warming up, the fan continues to run for a long time.

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