I bought a cyclone type 2WAY cordless vacuum cleaner "simplus SP-RCL4W" like Dyson V7!

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The other day, tbs program "Hayashi sensei's first ear study! In the generic home appliance feature, Sinplus cheap cyclone vacuum cleaner SP-RCL1W (The selling price was 5,478 yen). I was interested in places that were too cheap, and when I looked it up on the manufacturer's site, the model introduced was a type with a code.

On its manufacturer site, the same series of cordless type, cyclone type 2WAY cordless vacuum cleaner SP-RCL4W It was also a lineup, and it was sold for 10,800 yen (including postage) at Yahoo Shopping and Rakuten.
It is not cheap at all, so I thought it might be cheap or bad, but it came with a manufacturer's 1-year warranty, it was easy to use, and it looked like Dyson and it looked interesting, so I thought I would buy a ThinPlus cordless vacuum cleaner (SP-RCL4W) for the story.

Simplus is a domestic brand of consumer electronics for single-person living by Generation Pass Co., Ltd.
"I don't need extra functions, I want the bare minimum. However, it is a brand product developed in cooperation with a manufacturer (more than 600 trading companies) by the company's eyes-to-be buyers based on the concept of "I feel a little commitment somewhere".

The SP-RCL4W is a cyclone-type cordless vacuum cleaner that does not require a paper pack. With two brushes, a soft brush and a firm brush, it firmly entangles the garbage. In addition, since the head bends backwards and left and right, it is also recommended that you can easily clean under the furniture.

Since the supplied nozzle can be attached to the vacuum cleaner body, there is no need for a place to store the nozzle, and it is convenient to be able to quickly replace it during cleaning. Parts that can be hung on the wall are also included, so there is no need to prepare parts for mounting separately. It is stylish and stylish red and blue in two colors.

The SP-RCL4W's pass-and-see is dyson's cordless stick vacuum cleaner" V7 (those who are not slim) are a little similar. Rather than generic home appliances, I have the impression that it is a pacri home appliance that China is good at, but in terms of design, it looks better than Dyson with a feeling of gottosui.

SP-RCL4W Specs

The sp-RCL4W specifications are as follows:

 【Specifications 】

  • Power: DC Power
  • Voltage/Current: AC100-240V 50/60Hz Output DC26V 500mA
  • Power consumption: About 100W
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery
  • Charging time: About 4.5 hours
  • Continuous use time: About 25-35 minutes
  • Body size: Approx. W215×D125×H325mm
  • Weight: About 2.5kg
  • Dust box capacity: 0.5L
  • Material: ABS resin
  • Accessories: wall hook, AC adapter, gap nozzle, gap brush, instruction manual
  • Country of Origin: China

It is cordless, so the power consumption is 100W, so the suction power is lower than the code type SP-RCL1W (400W). Dyson's specifications are undisclosed, but I think dyson cordless vacuum cleaners are no different. If you want to emphasize suction power, we recommend the cord type.
In any case, there is a clear difference in the power consumption of cord type vacuum cleaners and cordless type vacuum cleaners, and cord type vacuum cleaners are better at suction power, so I think that it is better not to have excessive expectations for cordless vacuum cleaners.

The sp-RCL4W weighs 2.5kg and is a bit heavy to use with one hand. Especially for women without muscle strength, it may be difficult. Since the code type SP-RCL1W is 1.95 kg, I think that the code type can be cleaned more easily.
By the way, the Dyson V7 and V7Fluffy weigh 2.47kg, the V7 Slim weighs 2.2kg and the V10 weighs 2.58kg.

As for the continuous use time and charging time, it seems that the specifications are about halfway between Dyson V7 and V8 (continuous use time: 30 to 40 minutes [strong 25 minutes] / charging time: 3.5 to 5 hours). I think that it is good to think that the continuous use time is a little longer than Dyson V7.

It is a nice place to have a gap nozzle and a gap brush on the accessories. Dyson is sold separately.
It also comes with a wall hook, but it does not support charging from storage brackets like Dyson does. Plug in the cord from the AC adapter and charge it.

By the way, if I were to buy a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner, V10 I think that it is good (but it is a difficult point that it is quite heavy). In Japanet, V10 seems to be sold for about 40,000 yen with accessories. If you can use a vacuum cleaner of this weight, the weight of the V10 will not be a pain.
However, I do not want to spend too much money on vacuum cleaners, so for the time being, I will try to use the model I purchased this time as a disposable feeling.

Comparison with Makita's paper-packed cordless vacuum cleaner

I bought it last year, I'm free due to corona leave, so I'll review the doubts about the emergency declaration and the home appliances I purchased last year! I tried to line up "Mkita rechargeable cordless cleaner (CL105DWNP)" reviewed in .
Sp-RCL4W is larger and heavier than Makita's cleaner (body 1.0 kg), so I have made it 2010 to use each one for each application. We use SP-RCL4W for cleaning carpets and tatami mats when you want to clean well, and Makita cleaners for other applications and everyday use.

As a matter of fact, makita's cleaner head has no brush (floor brush type) and has weak suction power, so it is mainly limited to use in flooring. Sp-RCL4W has more suction power than Makita, so it can also be applied to cleaning carpets and tatami mats.

Charging the SP-RCL4W is done from a dedicated AC adapter. The LED appears in red while charging and turns green when charging expires. The battery uses a lithium-ion battery, and the remaining amount is displayed in three stages with the LED on the upper part of the main unit.

The power is turned on when you press the trigger button. Each time you press the trigger, the power is switched to two stages (normal/ strong / off). The sp-RCL4W trigger button looks very similar to Dyson, but behaves completely differently.
Dyson stops driving when you speak your finger from the trigger button, but the SP-RCL4W does not stop driving when you release your finger from the button after pressing the trigger button. It seems to be better in operability than Dyson cleaners that have to hold down the trigger button for continuous operation.

*Reference 1⇒ Not expected? Thorough analysis of disadvantages from negative word of mouth of Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner!
*Reference 2⇒ Dyson Cyclone V10 Product Review (see 1 star)

Littering and filtering

Trash disposal is easy because it is a push of a button. For the filter at the top, simply slide the button on the top of the body to separate the garbage pack from the main body and remove the top lid. When the top lid is removed, it becomes clear that the structure of the outlet is different from that of Dyson. The design of the top lid resembling Dyson is a Chinese idea, or I have the impression 😓 that it is a Dyson fake after all.
However, I think that it is good that the structure is very simple and easy to handle.
By the way, in addition, in the dyson V7, it is necessary to pull the red lever on the upper part of the main body and push up the cyclone body, and then open and close the clear bin. Sp-RCL4W only needs one operation.

Structure and care of the motor head

The head is not a self-running head, but it is a power brush, so it can handle carpets, tatami mats and flooring.
Removing the brush is as simple as sliding the lock lever (red marunouchi) outward.
In order to change the brush with a Dyson cleaner, it is necessary to loosen the button with your coin and then remove the brush, which takes a lot of time. In this respect, I think sp-RCL4W is easier to use than Dyson.


I don't know about durability at the moment, but since it is made in China, I want to have it for more than a year.
Because there is a considerable weight (about 2.5 kg), I think that it is hard to operate for a long time with one hand if you do not have muscle strength (not for women). However, the structure is simple and easy to clean, so it is easy to use.
Considering that a cyclone-type cordless vacuum cleaner with excellent design and equipped with standard functions can be bought for only 10,000 yen, you may not feel like you have bought it and damaged it.

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