Popcorn Summer Festival 2022 – Street food such as fried noodles, potato butter, and takoyaki are all 500 yen

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Shinjuku 2-chome New Half Bar Popcorn's "Summer Festival Event 2022" is a guide.
Since we are still concerned about the infection situation of corona, we plan to hold a summer festival event on the following schedule this year after taking sufficient infection control measures such as disinfection, ventilation, and non-dense arrangement in the store first of all for the safety and security of customers.

🎆 July 20 (Wed) ~ 31 (Sun), 2022

In this schedule, I have 20th (Wednesday), 22nd (Friday), 26th (Tuesday), 27th (Wednesday), and 29th (Friday) as my work days. Please.

At this year's summer festival event, street food such as fried noodles, potato butter, squid grilling, and takoyaki will be offered for 500 yen. In addition, there seems to be a raffle draw, so please enjoy the atmosphere of the summer festival with popcorn.
For details of the menu, please refer to the gallery below.

Street food menu

It is a flyer for summer festival events, a street food menu, and a summer food menu. At the end of the gallery, I also uploaded a photo of Ayumi Hamasaki's pachinko table.
As for the pachinko table of Ayu, anyone can play for free. Of course, money is not staked, so it is evil.

Takoyaki Party

You can enjoy a takoyaki party using an electric takoyaki machine together with customers as follows.
Please be assured that Hina Mama from Osaka, the birthplace of powder culture, will never fail to support you. 😅

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