Model change to CM3000/PM500zB due to the termination of distribution of new songs of Denmoku CM2000 of Dai-ichi Kosho Communication Karaoke DAM, and how to adjust the calibration when the touch position of Denmoku is misaligned

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I had lost it too late, but when I investigated the other day, I found that the distribution of new songs to Denmoku DAM CM2000, which is connected to Dai-ichi Kosho's communication karaoke DAM XG7000 installed in Shinjuku 2-chome popcorn, ended on the last day of January 2022.
Devices eligible for the termination of distribution of new songs include karaoke itself and Denmoku. This time, the main unit was safe, but unfortunately, the Denmoku CM2000 is an old model, so it has been discontinued.

The schedule of the end of the distribution of communication karaoke and the end of use can be confirmed on the dealer's site below.
As for the general schedule, such as which models will be discontinued in the future, it seems that dealers will be notified from Dai-ichi Kosho about a year ago.

In addition, the end of distribution means that the distribution of new songs will end, but the use of communication karaoke is possible. And the end of use means that the distribution of new songs has ended, and furthermore, the use of karaoke equipment is also impossible. In that case, the machine will automatically be locked and will not operate at all.

Based on the history so far, it seems that the distribution of new songs will end around 12 years, and then use will end some years later.

It is a measure to force the replacement of a new karaoke machine, but the machine itself seems to be still usable, but it is a really terrible story.
As usual, I'm doing the business of the Emperor. Well, the Joy sound is similar, but...

About Dai-ichi Kosho Communication Karaoke DAM no Denmoku

The table above is a correspondence table between the communication karaoke DAM main body and Denmoku.
In the column of models, the top-level model DAM-XG8000 (LIVE DAM Ai) is the top model, and in the Denmoku column, the leftmost model is the top-level model TM30 (Smart DAM Ai). Therefore, for karaoke itself, distribution will end from the model in the bottom row, and for Denmoku, distribution will end in order from the rightmost column.

A marker is drawn on the line of the popcorn communication karaoke DAM XG-7000, but in this list, Denmoku marked in light blue with no functional limitations is the recommended model. Denmoku marked in red is a legacy model, so there are some functional limitations.

The Denmoku models I selected this time are the following DAM CM3000 (Denmoku iDS2). The reasons for the selection are that the screen is somewhat larger, the GUI similar to the SmartDAM L, the intelligent microphone is installed, the relatively high functionality, the larger LCD TM series is more compact and takes up less space, and the existing Denmoku charger can be used.

The release date of the DAM CM3000 is December 1, 2015, so it will probably be available in 2027, 12 years from now, that is, about 5 years from now.

Obtaining the DAM CM3000

Since the CM3000 is a sold-out item, we have no choice but to obtain it second-hand from Yahoo, but with the discontinuation of CM2000, the CM3000 is not on the market and it is difficult to obtain. This time, it happened to be listed on Yahoo Oku, so I won the bid immediately.

DAM CM3000 Settings

The CM3000 boots the system by sliding the power switch on the back side.
This will launch the service man mode screen.

That's when I realized. Something is wrong! 😨

In the case of the previous model CM2000, when the lid of the battery box was opened and the power SW was turned on, Denmoku's music selection menu was displayed, but the operation was different.

Therefore, when I contacted Dai-ichi Kosho, they said that this model and all models of the TM series required station opening processing (BB opening on the screen of opening / pulling up setting) for use.

Since this process can only be done by karaoke dealers who have a contract with the landlord, this time we decided to do only pairing and updating the program & new song. 😥

The gallery below is a close-up of that screen.

With the CM2000, it was available even if it didn't open a station, and since it was a successor model, I was overconfident that it would probably be okay.
It is via mom, but according to the landlord, karaoke is a purchase, and since there is no maintenance contract with the karaoke shop, it was a separate consultation about opening.

By the way, when I inquired with Dai-ichi Kosho, they said that there would be no new information fee charges to Dai-ichi Kosho regarding the opening of CM3000. It is said that if you only open the station, you will be able to use it immediately.
In addition, for the PM series, which is a model of the previous generation, it seems that there is no need for station opening processing in particular.

However, for the PM series, infrared communication is the standard interface and Wi-Fi is not standard equipment, so if you want to receive new music from the Internet or select songs by Wi-Fi, you need to connect a dedicated wireless receiver (DAM-SLUzB) to the USB terminal on the back of the main unit.

Installing the DAM PM500zB

In the end, at the arrangement of the landlord, two Denmoku DAM PM500zBs that can be used without opening the station were installed in the shop. This model will be an antique released on November 17, 2013 as follows.

Since it is a very old model, it is likely that the distribution of new songs will end around 2025.
Because it is a model that is close to the end, it is traded at about 5000 yen ~ 10,000 yen on Yahoo Oku.

Unfortunately, the older the model, the limit is the number of songs to which new songs will be delivered, so if you are replacing the main unit and Denmoku models, we recommend that you replace them with new models as much as possible.
The landlord is probably not familiar with karaoke machines, but if it is a PM series, I would not say PM700zB, but at least I would like it to be about PM600zB.

CM2000 calibration adjustment

Prior to this Denmoku replacement, calibration adjustments were made to the existing Denmoku CM2000.
Calibration adjustment refers to the process of adjusting the position with a stylus pen when the position of the screen is shifted.
Log in in serviceman mode and adjust the calibration as follows:

2022.07.07 Update

Installation of PM600zB

In addition, with the arrangement of the landlord, Denmoku DAM PM600zB was installed in the shop.
The difference in appearance from the PM500zB seems to be that the menu of "sing with a mask" has increased.

The wireless communication of the PM series uses radio waves in the 2.4GHz band via the Denmoku zB dedicated wireless receiver (DAM-SLUzB).
In popcorn, security cameras (wireless LAN), lighting system "Philips Hue ZigBee", Bluetooth and other devices also use 2.4 GHz band radio, so by using this Denmoku, the frequency of causing radio interference is further increased.

On the other hand, the TM series and CM series use wireless LAN in the 5 GHz band, so there is no radio interference and the communication environment is stable.

Therefore, in the popcorn environment, we think it is best to unify with the CM series and TM series Denmoku instead of the PM series.

2023.02.04 Added

After observing the installation status of karaoke equipment at other stores, it seems that there are not many Denmoku stores with CM3000 installed. Currently, PM500zB/PM600zB, which can be installed without a Wi-Fi access point, seem to be the mainstream.

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