Filing a tax return

update Last updated: May 29, 2015 at 12:09 AM

Today, we have submitted a final tax return (blue) for the 2014 fiscal year to Hiratsuka Tax Office.
Until three years ago, the documents were submitted by a corporation (limited company), so the documents to be submitted were many and difficult.
However, the following year, switching to filing by a sole proprietorship simplified the filing documents, and only required to issue the financial statements and the blue tax return with the accounting software on a PC, making tax work much easier. became.
For corporations, even if the business was in deficit, a tax of at least 70,000 yen was incurred as a corporate resident tax, and there was also an obligation to report inventory and assets, so it was quite troublesome.
If you open a small store, I would recommend a sole proprietorship blue declaration over a corporation.
In addition, it is white, but it is clearly a loss because there is no special deduction of 650,000 yen for blue declaration.
Instead, in the case of blue, you will be required to submit a financial statement, but if you understand a little accounting and can use accounting software, it would be easier to choose blue over white.

Tax documents

Tax documents

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