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update Last updated: May 28, 2020 at 4:19 AM

I also study wordpress, I have incorporated three access analysis programs.
The first one was to call from a theme template PHP program that is inside WordPress (1) perl CGI program.
The other is google's 2-year-old website tracking service called Google Analytics.
The last one is a WordPress plug-in developed by the developer, (3) NewStatPress (PHP language).

The problem is that the reference URL (environment variable) cannot be handled very skillfully because of the problem of the interface with PHP. (If you write in PHP to begin with, there should be no problem)
By the way, the call of the CGI program from PHP is
exec ('full path~/xyz.cgi');
So it didn't start,
echo file_get_contents ('https://~xyz.cgi');
And it is.

* Added on May 18
It is currently installed in index.php.
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(2) If you do not go to Google's site, you will not be able to see the results of the analysis.
In order to incorporate, you need to get the tracking ID from google's site in advance .
In order to embed the tracking code, it is necessary to modify header.php that corresponds to the WordPress theme.
In addition, it does not work when the client's browser is set to turn off javascript execution.

* Added on May 18
Currently, it is set in the plug-in "hpb Google Analytics settings".

(3) starts from the management menu of WordPress, you can display the analysis results in real time.
In addition to the graphical and easy to understand, by displaying statistics in great detail, I found that (3) is the easiest to use.

NewStatPress seems to be an enhanced version of StatPress Reloaded.
There are many other evolution versions of StatPress, NewStatPress has been updated frequently seems to be the best.
WordPress, php language of the platform, but it looks like cumbersome, i feel quite so much once you get used to it.
However, when i see it in various ways, it is quite deep.
⇒ Around here or something"Is the PHP of your site cgi? Module method? 」

It is a little troublesome, wordpress if you are still interested in the future, i wonder if you try once (^^^;)

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