Japaneseization of excerpts using Jetpack AI released in WordPress 6.4.3 and later is quite convenient.

This site uses a WordPress-based blogging system, but with the recent minor update 6.4.3, it became possible to generate Japanese excerpts using Jetpack AI without realizing it.
Article excerpts are used for blog listings and SEO. Also keep an eye out for the next major update 6.5.

Reprint of CGI Access Counter TcounT 4 Released – Added Double Count Prevention Function, Remade as T-Count Ver.4.20+ 【Free CGI Redistribution・Download】

Reprinted version of multi-functional CGI access counter "TcounT 4" released – In addition to displaying three types of counters for general, today, and the previous day, double counting prevention function added

Added Twitter (X) tweet mini button to social buttons in WordPress theme of homepage builder (HPB)

A tweet mini button for Twitter (X) has been added to the social buttons of the WordPress theme of the homepage builder (HPB). There is no need to change the Java script, just add the button image and change the PHP program. It also supports the management screen.