I went to "T's Hair", a beauty salon in Shonan Hiratsuka that I could not go for a while due to coronal disaster. By the way, Taro Kono's old story is also a little ...

I went to a beauty salon that I couldn't go to for a while due to the coronavirus pandemic. The shop is “T’s Hair”, run by the owner who enjoys surfing and fishing in Shonan Hiratsuka. The owner and I were drinking friends a long time ago at Anbaran'S, an izakaya in Hiratsuka that Taro Kono often visited.

Buying Contact Lenses

In order to save on contact lens bills, I recently purchased a disposable contact lens from kakaku.com. I usually purchased Alcon's "DAILIES FIRST" product from the store's eyecity, but this time I ordered the equivalent "DAILIES AQUA" from the net. Because a prescription is not required in the net order, it was possible to purchase it at half the usual price, but the fact that it does not treat the eye clinic is not recommended because it involves a risk. It is a thing of self-responsibility to the last. ... Read more »