I went to "T's Hair", a beauty salon in Shonan Hiratsuka that I could not go for a while due to coronal disaster. By the way, Taro Kono's old story is also a little ...

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Shinjuku's shops (popcorn) are unavoidable because they go to work, but they are still in the midst of coronal disaster, so unless you have any business to go to other shops, you will not go out much.

In March of this year, I dyed my hair myself, but I left my hair growing, so when I noticed it, I reached the length to my waist, and I was worried that the tip of the hair was very damaged.

I thought that I had no way but to go to the beauty salon soon, so I booked Toshio's beauty salon "T's Hair" in the local Shonan Hiratsuka and Momohama-cho, which I have been indebted to for a long time, and took care of my hair.
I was picked up by a car with a kayak on the roof as shown below. 😅

T’s Hair Is a fully reserved beauty salon run by Toshio, a shopkeeper who enjoys surfing and fishing.
If you make a reservation, you will always be picked up by car to your home apartment.

In fact, the owner is a drinking friend from more than 16 years ago at Hiratsuka's izakaya "Anban'S" (closed in March 2015). At that izakaya, Taro Kono, who is now a minister (I'll call you Taro since then), was also often visited at the izakaya, and I had several times when I drank with Taro- san.

Mr. Taro is a nisei member of the politician Yohei Kono, but I had the impression that he graduated from Georgetown University and was fluent in English and was very good at listening despite being elite. In order to distinguish himself from his father Yohei Kono in the local area, he often called him Taro in close relationships.

In the past, taro became a donor in 2002 due to his father's liver, and he was a very close-hearted person who did things that ordinary people could not do at all, such as saving his father's life through an inter-living liver transplant at Shin-State University Hospital. However, in exchange for that, I think it seems to be pitiful that the skin has become a sorry state due to the effect of losing half of the liver. I am a person who has the qualities to be the Prime Minister of Japan, so I would like you to live a long life with your body loved for the future of Japan.

The following shot was taken at the banquet hall of Yumoto Fujiya Hotel in Hakone on March 16, 2010, on a comfort trip organized by the Restaurant Association in Hiratsuka, when I was running hiratsuka's shemale pub Labyrinth.
Since then, Taro-san has been very popular in the local area, and several people besides me willingly responded to their requests and took two-shot pictures. So don't worry. It is not a Bunshun story. 🙇‍♀️
Now this is my treasure photo.

Well, back to the main topic, the interior of T's Hair looks like a house on the beach, with surfboards casually placed on the floor. When Toshio-san wasn't at the store, he said he went surfing or fishing. 😅
In the previous, I used to drink aoriika caught in the sea of Shonan here, and I also had a hot pot party with my friends.

For the time being, in order to get the branch hair, I had the tip of the hair cut. The length of the hair is stopped at the length of the waist.
There are individual differences, but if you leave it as it is, it seems that you can stretch it to about 4 m, but in the Heian period, you can not walk as it is unless you put your hair together, and the shampoo fee will not be stupid, so I would like to maintain this length in MAX.

In addition, until when I was in my 20s and 30s, my hair was shiny and the cuticle was solid, but unfortunately, every time I follow the year, my hair is damaged by coloring etc., and the luster is gone. No matter how much you shape your face, I think that only your hair can't mis-demonize your age. If you keep going like this, you will see a lot of boso, so I usually cover it using a little more hair oil.

The gallery below is the state of fishing off the coast of Hiratsuka that Mr. Toshio sent us at a later date. According to the person himself, it is "the strongest outdoor sport that does not get crowded". 😉
By the way, it seems that my apartment is reflected in this photo. 😅

2021.05.08 Added
The following link card is an article comparing the dyeing condition of 28 gray hair dyed hair color (cream) products on the market. It's a very good article, so I'd like to keep a link to this article as a memorandum.
I'm bringing my Cielo 2S (bright stylish brown) to T's Hair and asking for coloring.
According to this article, Cielo is rated as having poor color, but that's certainly true. However, the damage to the hair seems to be weak, so I want to make it good.

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