Report on anti-aging treated at Shonan Beauty Clinic and details of breast implants, implants, etc. by past liposuction & fat stem cell injection

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Because the outer wall seems to have deteriorated considerably by sake, it is a construction shop in Shonan... No, no, I had an anti-aging treatment at Shonan Beauty Clinic.

Now that the server maintenance has come to an end, it's time for your own maintenance. It's hard to maintain a 1038 year old! 😅

It may be an exception to those who take care of their bodies in esthetics, dental clinics, fitness clubs, etc. on a daily basis, but as with buildings such as condominiums, unfortunately, when a certain number of years are reached, humans will deteriorate rapidly with age.
Generally, condominiums are said to carry out large-scale repair work on a 12-year cycle, but I have also carried out my own large-scale repair work in the last 12 years.

Regarding the contents of the construction, i.e. cosmetic surgery, first of all, I performed a bust-up by liposuction and fat stem cell injection of the abdomen 11 years ago.
And it's about the face. Originally, it was not positive for cosmetic surgery, but there were times when deterioration began to stand out, and only anti-aging and restoration of the status quo were carried out to this day on the assumption that surgery would not be performed to change the prototype of the face from three years ago.
We have also had implants since six years ago, and so far we have replaced a total of three left back teeth with implants.

Therefore, I had never thought about how much money I had spent for those maintenance, so I pulled out the materials for the past 11 years and investigated them.
The following table summarizes the data in chronological order from the most recent.

* 2021.08.05 Update

DateName of the clinicWhere are you?TreatmentCost (Yen)
2021.02.28Shonan Cosmetic Surgery Fujisawa
Re-OP of lower eyelid sagging removal by eye back remove method (right eye) 5,071
(From 10,450 yen in total, less 5,379P)
2020.08.25Shonan Cosmetic SurgeryFujisawa*
Moved to a building in front of the station
Remove lower eyelid sagging by eye back remove method228,953
2019.11.18Clear dentistryYurakucho
One implant treatment for the upper left upper tooth (made of brain base)248,000
2018.03.08Shonan Cosmetic SurgeryFujisawa
Re-OP of Shimosa Tarmi Take-up33,980
2017.08.12Shonan Cosmetic SurgeryFujisawa
Lower eyelid tarmi remover (back fat remover of the eyes that does not cut under the eyes) + SBC rich face366,380
2014.11.20Clear dentistryYaesu
Two implant treatments for the upper left back teeth (made of brain base)392,040
2009.02.16Shinagawa Cosmetic SurgeryYokohama
Breast cancer surgery by liposuction and adipation stem cell injection in the abdomen + PRP515,830
Senri's maintenance history

For anti-aging, estrogen administration is also effective, but hormone-related costs are excluded in the table above.
Roughly, it will be 1,790,254 yen, but it is quite an investment amount despite the bust ... 😂

In this regard, regular check-ups every three months are required for implants, so it is expected that the cost will continue to increase in the future.

Now, in the following, I will explain the details of the treatment contents at each clinic.
If you look at it, I think you can understand the degree of my ponkotsu even more (laughs)

Shonan Beauty Clinic

1st treatment (2017.08.17) - Lower eyelid sagging (back fat remover of the eyes without cutting under the eyes) + SBC Rich Face

2020.09.14 Postscript
📸 This is a before-and-after photo before the surgery and one week after the operation.

Although there are individual differences, the eye ring muscle under the eyes gradually loosens due to aging, fat at the bottom of the eye falls under the influence of gravity, and bulge seems to occur in the lower eyelid.

Therefore, in the first treatment, the swollen fat formed under the eyes from the back side of the lower eyelid is removed, and at the same time, in order to smooth the Golgo line in the inner corner of the eye, concentrated fat cells are used in the recessed part by the condensation rich face method. The procedure of injecting (CRF) at the same time was performed by Dr. Fujimaki. The fat was collected by sucking it from the navel.

The Shonan Beauty Clinic site contains details about the Condence Rich Face Method as follows.

🔗 Learn more about Condence Rich Face (CRF)

The condence-rich face method, by injecting your own fat, revives the firmness and moisture to the injection point, it is possible to form a plump, rounded healthy face. In addition, the collected fat is a rejuvenating method that achieves a high retention rate and maximizes the maximum amount of sucked fat by centrifugation, removing impurities with condence (concentration) technology, and injecting only healthy concentrated adipocytes.

Now that I think about it, there wasn't much dent under the bag, so I don't think there was any particular need for CRF. At this time, because I accepted it at the recommendation of the counselor, it cost a high cost (366,380 yen) as described in the following item.

In addition, it is thought that there was also a case to inject normal fat in the age before CRF was developed, and as a result, there seems to be a case where the mass of fat fell to the cheek after a few years because the fixing was insufficient, and it became impossible to repair.

2nd treatment (2018.03.08) -Re-OP of lower eyelid sagging removal

After verifying the results of the previous treatment, we judged that the fat under the right eyelid had not been completely removed (left and right are unbalanced), so we conducted a re-op with Dr. Fujimaki's sword based on SBC's safety guarantee system (one-year warranty). Anesthesia is the only thing you need to pay for it.

Third treatment (August 25, 2020) -Removes lower eyelid sagging by eye back remove method

By taking the fat under the eyes, I was told that there is a case where wrinkles can be made in the skin left over after years, but as I was concerned, when two years have passed, I be becoming concerned about wrinkles under my eyes.
According to Dr. Fujimaki, a surgeon in charge of counseling, the best solution was to cut the loose skin under the bag in a width of several millimeters, sew it together, and lift it.

There was a great deal of resistance to cutting, but there seemed to be no other option, so I made it a last resort and had no choice but to accept this method.
Because it is cut along the bottom of the lower eyelashes, the in-cut line is not very noticeable, but it was explained that it is not the reason that the scar is not understood at all.

For your reference, the following gallery will include information on counseling quotations, instructions on the eye-back remover method, anesthesia to use, post-operative downtime, etc.

During the postoperative downtime period, in order to reduce inflammation, I put a cooling sheet on my forehead and took medication.
For the drug, in addition to antibiotics and painkillers, in order to minimize the downtime period, we also took the supplement "SinEcch" (optional because it is expensive) provided by the following SBC, as well as the HYTHIOL-C Plus 2 that I prepared myself.

Before and after the 3rd treatment (eyeback remove method)

📸 This is a before-and-after photo before the surgery and one week after the operation.

After the operation, I was shown the removed epidermis and fat, but the bottom of the left and right eyelids swelled a little, so the fat in that part was also removed a little.
Because of lifting, it is cut along the bottom of the corner of the eye and the lower eyelashes with a laser scalpel, but to be honest, it is a little scary to end up here.

The width of the cut epidermis was about 2mm, so I think that a considerably high skill and delicacy are required for the sword.
According to Dr. Fujimaki, a surgeon, if you cut too much, when you open your mouth wide, the worst is that the skin is pulled and the underrest is turned over, so it is necessary to cut it at a moderate width.

In the after photo, there is still swelling, but because it is sutured with transparent thread, the thread is not very noticeable. We will follow up on where the scars will disappear over the next month. According to Dr. Fujimaki, one week after surgery, the swelling was swollen and the condition was very good.

As for the cracks in the corner of the eye, the meat will eventually get lying up over time and become inconspicuous, but I don't know what will happen at this time.
Since it comes with a one-year warranty, we will follow up until January of next year, and if the worst is not possible, we will ask the judgment of the doctor around February of next year, and we are also considering 😓 the option of re-operation (anesthesia fee is to be borne by yourself).

📸 This is a photo of the bare face and makeup after 7 ~ 9 days (about 2 weeks after surgery) after the stitch was removed.

There is still swelling around the lower eyelids, and there is also a slight discomfort. Because there is a pain when I touch it with a finger, it is not a state of complete cure.
The scars along the lower eyelashes are located those that are located and are not very noticeable, but the scars on the corner of the eye are clear.
It will take at least a month to complete basically, so we will continue to observe the progress.

It becomes a supplement, but the double of eyes is natural. When I was young, I was about halfway between single and double, but since I was in my late twenties, I gradually got fat from the upper eyelids and naturally changed into double.

In the first place, it was found that the root cause of fat accumulation under the eyes was muscle weakness of the eye ring muscles.
So, when I happened to be watching a shopping program on TBS during downtime, the facial device of the EMS massage machine "Restart Eye" that trains the following eye ring muscles was introduced, so I made 😅 an impulse purchase in a hurry
This facial device will be used from the second month when the skin settles down.

Daily care is troublesome, but if you can solve the problem even a little by investing 13,605 yen (shipping and tax included) in facial equipment, there is no risk than cosmetic surgery, I think that it is a solution of much cheaper.
Even now, I regret that I had neglected to take care of my daily life.

2020.09.26 Postscript

📸 This is a photo of the bare face and makeup after 30 days after surgery.

The swelling around my eyes has pulled, but I also cut my nerves, so I feel some pain when I pull the lower eyelid.
Because the insensing line of the lower eyelashes is a beautiful finish, it does not stand out so much, but the part of the corner of the eye is still clearly understandable.
After about six months, I think that the shape will change again, so I will continue to follow up until the end of the year.

2020.10.06 Postscript
To prevent wrinkles that occur when the skin under the eyes is dry, we have tried the following hyalodeep patches. I check the trial effect for about a month.

2020.10.14 UPDATE
I tried the above Hiaro Deep Patch for a month and found that it has a moderate effect, but there is little persistence, and the effect is only a few hours.
Hyaluronic acid only penetrates slightly on the surface of the skin, and over time the skin dries and returns to its original state.
In conclusion, I do not think that there is a meaning to put out a high amount of money to such a product and to purchase it.

2021.08.05 Added (re-OP)

4th treatment (2021.02.28) -Re-OP of lower eyelid sagging removal by eye back remove method

As a result of examining the finish condition, we requested a reop on February 28, 2021 as a result of examining the finish condition because the treatment mark of "lower eyelid tarmi taking by the iback removing method" carried out on August 25, 2020 settled.
As the treatment content, it is a correction OP to remove minute wrinkles of the eye end of the right eye.
The gallery below is about half a year after the re-OP. The treatment marks were almost invisible, and it was finished beautifully. ... I noticed later that all the selfie images, including the one below, are 🙇 ♀️ flipped left and right.
In addition, my eyes are originally double eyelids, so I have not touched that area at all. The main purpose is anti-aging, that is, restoration work. 😅

Clear dentistry

Although there are individual differences, unfortunately, saliva and immunity gradually decrease after the age of 30, and the condition of the gums tends to be worse.
To prevent this, it is necessary to brush with a toothbrush (about 10 minutes) with a toothbrush every day, using a toothbrush or thread tooth.
It is also necessary to scale at a dental clinic to periodically remove plaques (food for periodontal bacteria) that cannot be dropped by daily brushing.

Currently, the clinic scales once every two months, so the tooth condition is relatively good.
However, when I used to work as a systems engineer, I was too busy to maintain my teeth, which made my condition worse and my left back teeth in my upper jaw became weak.
After that, I continued to treat periodontal disease at the clinic, but I decided to take out the back teeth (three in total so far) and make them into implants because I judged that I could not hope for further improvement.

Implants, like cosmetic surgery, are self-funded, so they are expensive. However, by using implants, you can easily chew hard things smartly like your old teeth, and the biggest attraction is that you can eat steaks deliciously.

The following is a clear dental brochure.(The current "Clear Dental Clinic" has been relocated to Yurakucho.)

The first treatment (2014.11.20) - Two implant treatments (made of brain base)

Clear Dentistry When The Tokyo Clinic was located at the Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station, two of the left back teeth of the upper jaw were implanted.
The artificial root embedded in the bone consists of the implant body + abutment (a branch that can adjust the angle). However, if the bone on which the tooth melts and becomes the foundation is not thick enough immediately after tooth extraction or periodontal disease, it is not possible to implant this implant immediately.

If you have just pulled out a tooth, leave it for at least three months and wait for the bone to be generated and observe the course.
In addition, there are cases where implants are impossible if the bone melts violently due to periodontal disease or if periodontal disease is not completely cured.
If you are thinking about implants in the future, I think that it is necessary to make a decision to cure periodontal disease and to take the plunge in removing bad teeth that are not expected to be cured by periodontal disease.

Well, in my case, as a result of the X-ray diagnosis, for the left back teeth of the upper jaw, the bone mass is slightly insufficient, but the implant was a diagnostic result that the implant can be adapted by performing regeneration surgery of the upper jaw bone called socket lift method (maxillary sinus base uplift surgery).
Therefore, the first treatment was the operation of the socket lift first, and after three months, the implant was treated.

The quotation at this time is as follows. The total amount of treatment for two implants is 392,040 yen.

For the abutment of the implant body, we have selected arrows (titanium materials) made by domestic brain base.
If you have money, you can choose Nobel Biocare or Strawman (highest quality) implants with a high retention rate and worldwide track record.

There is a charge now, but at that time, socket lift was free, so I think it went up very cheaply.
However, in clear dentistry, the brain base is guaranteed for 3 years (7 years for Nobel Biocare and 10 years for Strawman), but there is no guarantee when treated with socket lifts.

In clear dentistry, the same is still the case, but for crowns, expensive zirconia materials are used as standard. Zirconia is stronger than crowns such as plastic and ceramic materials, and is aesthetically friendly (it can be adapted to the color of its own teeth).
If you choose these specs in other hospitals, I think it would be a more expensive estimate.

Now, let's take the next phase.
If enough bone mass is observed as a result of X-ray, it is embedded in the abutment.
Of course, after anesthesia, this treatment is to cut the gums of the part where the implant is placed, drill a hole in the bone and embed the abutment.
When the embed is complete, stitch the in-cut gums together to confine the abutment. Then, the period until the abutment settles in the bone (about 2 months) is suspended.

Once the abutment is settled in the bone, it finally transitions to the stage of crown mounting.
However, it does not wear the crown of the zirconia material for the production suddenly. The zirconia material is hard and not easy to fix, so first use a pre-molded propijonal crown (plastic material) until a regular crown is completed.

The propillonal is placed on top of the head-out abutment by incising the gums. By wearing the propijonal for a certain period of time, the state of the gums is adjusted, and harmony with the surrounding teeth is also achieved.
After about one month or more of wearing the propijonal, now that it has become familiar with the gums and surrounding teeth, finally wear the final production crown (zirconia material).

This is the whole process of implant treatment.
Even if it is called an implant in a word, I think that you can understand that there is actually a long road to the end of treatment.

2nd treatment (2019.11.18) - One implant treatment for the left upper tooth (made of brain base)

After Clear Dentist moved to Yurakucho, I treated a third implant. This time, before the bone under the weakened tooth is ruined, it is the place where the tooth extraction was done by a local dentist, and the place is the third upper left back tooth of the upper jaw part.
As a result of the X-ray diagnosis, fortunately the bone mass seems to have been secured enough, and this time it was said that the treatment of the socket lift was not necessary as last time.

Therefore, the treatment and phase are exactly the same as the first treatment (2014.11.20), except for the socket lift.
However, as shown in the quotation below, the overall price has increased a little (248,000 yen per bottle).
Well, still, if you have this price with this spec, I think it is cheaper than other clinics ... 😓

The following is a picture immediately after embedding the abutment in the third left back tooth of the upper jaw (upper right of the photo). After this, the gums are cut out after the fixing period of the abutment, and the crown of the professional is attached.
For a certain period of time, the propillonal be adapted to the gums and surrounding teeth, and the entire treatment of the implant was finally completed by wearing a crown made of zirconia material.

Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery

From the date of writing of this blog, it was more than 12 years ago, but due to the side effects of estrogen, the fat in the lower abdomen was too attached, and I was worried about it very much on a daily basis.
So, I tried low-frequency massage machines and diets, but it wasn't as effective as I thought.

In the end, as a last resort, I decided to take the plunge and do liposuction.
At that time, instead of throwing away the sucked fat as it is, I learned that it can also be used for breast pleurisy, so I made it admission surgery by liposuction and fat stem cell injection at the same time.

At that time, there were only a limited number of clinics where breast pleurisy was born by liposuction and fat stem cell injection, and the cost was high everywhere, but I selected Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery (Yokohama-in), which is the cheapest among them. The total fee, including PRP, was 515,830 yen.

In fact, since then, due to a fatal accident caused by liposuction surgery at Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery's Ikebukuro hospital, Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery does not currently handle breast-pleascopic surgery with liposuction and fat stem cell injection.
Details of "liposuction and breast pleurisy by liposuction and fat stem cell injection" performed at Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery are as follows.

Breast cancer surgery by liposuction and fat stem cell injection in the abdomen + PRP (2009.02.16)

At Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery Yokohama Hospital, breast pleurisy was performed by "adip stem cell injection method" at the same time as liposuction of the abdomen.
In addition, at the recommendation of the counselor, PRP therapy (self-platelet-free plasma injection therapy) was also performed based on the blood extracted by liposuction.

PRP therapy is regenerative medicine using platelets contained in one's own blood, and it is a treatment in which only the components of platelets are extracted and injected at high concentrations. The effect is unknown, but by applying this PRP therapy to the peri corner of the eye, we expect to improve the regeneration function of the skin around the corner of the eye.

The following gallery contains information on the adipation stem cell injection method from Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery, as well as PRP and liposuction.

About Liposuction

First, let's talk about liposuction.
Prior to the operation, I underwent anesthesia, but suddenly I was given two injections of epidural anesthesia on my back and a catheter was inserted into my uretha, which was an unexpected pain.
Because it is necessary to paralyze the entire nerve from the neck down, it seems that there was no choice but to put up with it even if it hurts here, but if a safe anesthesia (a sedative drip into the laughing gas + vein) was prepared as an option like Shonan Beauty Clinic, the pain could have been relieved more.

Liposuction is first irradiated with an Elconia laser throughout the stomach to soften the entire fat.
Next, two places at the base of the lower abdomen are cut about 5mm, a long, narrow suction tube called "cannyle" is pierced, and the fat is dissolved by ultrasound and sucked.
I was in a state where I couldn't breathe because of severe pain, but perhaps because anesthesia has been effective, I lost consciousness from the middle.

I checked later, but it seems to have sucked 1,200cc of fat in all, 200cc of which seems to have been transplanted into both breasts.
The place where I made an inseed and sutured it was pulled out a week later, but the scar remained firmly. However, as the years go by, it becomes inconspicuous, and because it is an invisible part, I think that the scar does not care so much.

Breast-breast surgery by "adipation stem cell injection method"

Next is breast pleurisy using the adipation stem cell injection method.
As in the previous case, when liposuction fat was injected into the chest as it is, the fixing rate was poor and it became small, and it was a problem that the result as thought was not obtained.

Therefore, a method was developed to remove life cells and aging cells from collected fats using a special filter, and inject only high-quality high-quality adipocytes (adipocytes) containing adipocytes and growth factors into the bust.
This method was called "adipation stem cell injection method" in Shinagawa cosmetic surgery at that time.

Currently, the equivalent of this method is the equivalent of "pure graft fat injection breast milk" of Shonan Beauty Clinic.
This is explained in detail in the "More Information on Pure Graft Fat Injection Breast pleasure" linked below.

🔗 Learn more about Pure Graft Fat Injection Breast pnehoracy

Although the retention rate of fat using the above method is about 50-60% (+1 to 1.5 cups), Shonan Beauty Clinic offers "condence-rich fat injection breast breast" and "seration" with higher retention rates, as shown in the link below.

🔗 Learn more about Condence-Rich Fat Injection Breast pleural content
🔗 Sersson (number)

Among them, state-of-the-art regenerative medicine has been introduced in celsion, but since the cost is expensive for many minutes (1,446,290 yen), I think that if you want to keep costs down, you will choose PureGraft (488,880 yen) or Condens Rich (896,290 yen).

Downtime and care

Usually, downtime is one week, but if you suck a lot of fat, the severe pain lasts, so I think it's actually about two weeks.
After pulling out the suction, it is necessary to continue the massage lightly with the belly of the finger for about 3 months (bust is not required).
In my case, I used a massager (cell linkle care) for Endamo.
It is said that massage improves blood circulation and speeds up the elimination of hardness.

In addition, the suction area must be pressed and fixed for about three months. If you spend time without pressure, waste products will stagnate in the lymphatic vessels, cause severe swelling, and the skin of the suction area will be uneven.

In my case, it was liposuction of my stomach, so I was asked by the clinic to wear a girdle and waist nipper to fix the pressure. Those who have liposuction from two arms or thighs will use supporters and stockings.

As for the bust, since the shape is not stable for two weeks after surgery, it is necessary to wear a bra (no wire).

PRP Therapy

PRP (platelet-free plasma) therapy is one of regenerative medicine aimed at healing by using the tissue repair ability of platelet growth factors contained in one's blood to enhance the "healing power" inherent in it.

In short, because a large amount of blood can be taken by liposuction, the platelet was extracted incidentally, and PRP therapy was also performed.
I expected the activation of the skin by hitting the injection of PRP around the corner of the eye.
As for the effect, in general, the effect of PRP therapy is considered to be temporary, and there was almost no real feeling of effect. Maybe it was just a waste of money. 😓

The course of the year that followed

As a matter of fact, the result of breast pleasing by fat injection was up only +1 cup. However, it is up about +2 cups now.
Why is that?

This seems to have been found recently.
Liposuction reliably reduces the number of fat cells, and it is said that fat does not attach to the place where fat was taken.
It is true that this is an undeniable fact, but in fact, it seems to have become clear that the internal fat and bust are fated instead to compensate for the lost fat over the years. To be precise, it is an image that adipocytes become bloast rather than increased adipocytes.
As a result, 11 years after surgery, the bust is considered to have been up more than expected.

Therefore, including me, if you have performed liposuction surgery, I think that it is necessary to keep in mind a lifestyle that does not have a built-in fat.

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