Rare! Purchased CECIL McBEE pink quilted carry case with Boston bag included

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I was interested in the cute pink quilt-style carry case (with Boston bag) sold by Cecil McBee, but since the 2023 model was released, this previous model has been sold out, and major online shopping sites have sold out. I don't see it much anymore. In particular, pink items are becoming rarer and their actual selling price exceeds the list price, making them a premium price.

This is a Cecil McBee carry case (S size 35L, pink) that can be carried on board the plane.The retail price of the previous model is 15,400 yen (Boston bag included), and the 2023 model is 19,800 yen (no accessories). As for the conventional model, in addition to the Boston bag, there is also a model that comes with a pouch and ribbon charm.

Upon investigation, it appears that there is no major difference between the previous model and the 2023 model in terms of functionality, only the position and design of the emblem differ. As for the interior, the previous model uses the original jacquard material in gold beige, while the 2023 model uses black-based fabric, and there are slight improvements in construction.

Personally, I think the interior of the previous model looks more luxurious than the 2023 model, and the baby pink quilt design is cute and very nice. Also, since it comes with an original Boston bag and is reasonably priced, we would definitely recommend the previous model.

As for the carry case, I wasn't planning on buying one this year, but the other day, I happened to see the conventional model Cecil McBee carry case (S size 35L, pink) on sale at Mercari for 16,000 yen (including shipping). I found it and decided to buy it before it runs out!

By the way, until 3 months ago, this product was on sale at Mercari for 13,000 yen, so if you were going to buy it, you should have bought it sooner 😢

I will upload the Cecil McBee carry case I bought this time in the gallery below 😉

[Product Description] CECIL McBEE S size quilt style carry case pink

New, unopened, free shipping!
Comes with a carry-on Boston bag! ❇︎The included ribbon charm and pouch are not included.
Capacity for 1-3 day travel Cecil McBEE QUILT CARRY CASE | Carry-on for women | Hard zipper carry bag | 35L Height 45 x Width 36 x Depth 23cm 2.6kg | Equipped with TSA lock | Quilt-style body carry case

The main body is made of polycarbonate and the interior is made of original jacquard material. The embossed plate gives it a luxurious feel. Comes with Boston bag. Convenient size for long trips of several days. The interior specifications have been carefully selected, and the storage capacity is also attractive. It is a 4-wheel type that can be easily moved, and is equipped with double casters that prevent it from getting stuck in grooves.

CECIL McBEE Regarding the withdrawal of all stores and restart

CECIL McBEE has been gaining support from young women since the late 1990s, and was known as a leading girls' fashion brand until the 2000s, but due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, it withdrew from the store business in July 2020. It was announced that the company would continue with the licensing business. In November of the same year, the last brick-and-mortar store, SHIBUYA 109 in Tokyo, closed, although it was regretted.
However, from August 23, 2021, we have launched an EC site and made a restart in response to expectations for a revival.
By the way, Cecil's clothes are too small for me, and I've never bought them before, so I don't know much about them, but their bags are often cheap and cute, and it's one of my favorite brands. However, since the original trend is gal-style fashion, to be honest, it might be a little harsh for older women😥

Actually, I'm currently using a Cecil croco-embossed bag like the one below from ZOZOTOWN for commuting. Although it has a slightly unusual design, it can also be used as a 2-way bag.
This one is not as flashy as the previous Cecil, and has a relatively plain design, but it is easy to use and practical. Since Cecil's restart, I have the impression that the target age group has shifted from gals to adults.

CECIL McBEE of 2way Purchasing bags and charms

In addition to purchasing this carrying case, as shown in the gallery below, you can buy the old Cecil McBee 2way bag at Yahoo! Prima for 1,600 yen (including shipping) and the charm (charm 1: 470 yen / charm 2: I purchased 2 items for 300 yen. These charms are all the ones that came with Cecil's bag.

This 2-way bag is called "The CECIL McBEE" and it would be embarrassing for the grandma to carry it around for everyday use, so I plan to use it only when I travel 😅

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