DIY repair of deteriorated air conditioner drain hose and installation of silencer valve to prevent popping noise

update Last updated: December 3, 2023 at 2:39 PM

The other day, I noticed that the drain hose of the Panasonic air conditioner installed on the south balcony was severely deteriorating due to the effects of ultraviolet rays.
The gallery below shows the parts of the deterioration, but the part of the drain hose that was exposed to the sun was especially worn out. Additionally, the tape (pipe cover) used to protect the pipes had deteriorated and peeled off. If left untreated, it may cause the air conditioner to malfunction, so prompt repair is recommended.

This air conditioner was purchased in July 2015, so it is about 8 years old. Generally, the lifespan of an air conditioner is about 10 years, but the Daikin air conditioner we previously installed had a lifespan of about 15 years, so I would like the Pana air conditioner to last a little longer.

Therefore, I decided to order the following repair set from Amazon (a set of drain hose and silencer valve, and 2 types of adhesive tape for protecting pipes) and repair it by DIY.

The silencer valve included in the repair set is a valve that eliminates the popping noise of the air conditioner that occurs during strong winds such as typhoons and spring storms. By sealing it with a check valve, you can shut out odors and pests. Only when draining water, the weight of the water opens the check valve and drains the water.
During Pana's air conditioner installation work at the time, this silencer valve had not been installed, so we decided to install it DIY in conjunction with the drain hose repair.

Below is the product description and instruction manual for the drain hose and silence valve set (GA-KW003) purchased from Amazon.

Drain hose and silence valve set (GA-KW003)

[Product description]
A set of air conditioner drain hose and check valve that attaches to the drain hose, ideal for repair or extension.

  • Brand: GAONA (Made in Japan)
  • Can be installed on the air conditioner main body hose port outer diameter 16/18 mm
  • There are connection ports approximately every 50 cm, and it can be installed on hose connections with an inner diameter of 16 mm or 18 mm.
  • Prevents outside air from entering and prevents unpleasant popping sounds
  • A check valve prevents odors and pests from entering.
  • The valve body can be easily removed for easy cleaning.
  • Hose inner diameter: 16mm x outer diameter 21mm
  • Hose length: 2m

【operating instructions】

Example of drain hose and silence valve installation and piping cover repair work

Following the posted instruction manual, we installed the drain hose and muffling valve and repaired the piping cover. We will upload examples of construction work in the gallery below.
Note that silence valves are directional. Attach the side with the drain adapter attached to the drain hose facing the indoor unit of the air conditioner.
In this case, the drain hose, which had deteriorated, was cut at φ16, so a drain adapter was also installed. Fix the drain adapter with adhesive tape (19mm) and repair the deteriorated piping cover by covering the entire area with adhesive tape (50mm).

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