Purchase and assembly of Iris Ohyama single bed (with shelf & outlet, 3 height levels, pocket coil mattress)

update Last updated: July 2, 2023 at 7:57 PM

the other day, renovation I bought a bed that was planned to be installed in the room where I finished, and finished assembling and installing it.
In the past, a bed was a luxury item, and you had to be prepared to spend at least 100,000 yen at Otsuka Kagu, but these days it's a lot cheaper.
The bed I purchased this time is a single bed made by Iris Ohyama (with shelf and outlet, height-adjustable slatted bed single type: TKSB-S) and purchased as a set with a mattress.
The height of the bed can be adjusted to a total of 3 levels, with no legs and 2 levels of leg height. I chose "Natural" for the body pattern and "Pocket Coil" for the mattress.

This product was sold for 21,800 yen (including tax and shipping) on ​​the direct sales site of Iris Ohyama, but since it was already sold out, it was sold at Yahoo!anmin Yahoo!) for 19,890 yen (including tax and shipping).
At this store, if you specify the mattress type as "Bonnel", you can purchase it for 1,200 yen cheaper, but I chose the "pocket coil" because the pocket coil with the point support structure seems more comfortable.

bed assembly

As for the assembly of the bed, I had to be prepared.
According to the posted instruction manual, it states that "2 people are recommended to assemble" and "Do not use an impact driver. It may be damaged." I could imagine that it would take time.

The gallery below shows the assembly. The assembly method is carefully written in the instruction manual, so if you follow the instructions, you can make it without any problems. However, since there are many work processes, it takes a certain amount of time for one person, and it took about 3 hours from the start of work to completion, including the unfolding of the mattress.
In particular, it was quite difficult to use a screwdriver in the final process to fix the "slatted grid" and "body frame" at a total of eight locations with wood screws, as it required grip strength.
As for the position to drive the wood screw, the manual says that the position 2cm from the foot is incorrect.

Installation of pocket coil mattress

When the pocket coil mattress was opened, it was packed in a compressed state with a vacuum pack as follows.

After breaking the vacuum pack, the mattress grew in a funny way.
However, when I put the mattress on the bed, I confirmed that the frame protruded slightly as shown below.
If you use it in this state, there is a risk of injury from the corners of the frame, so I attached unnecessary felt corners to the corners of the frame as a guard.

2023.07.02 Added
This is the result of using the above mattress PKMTN-S (width approx. 97 x depth approx. 195 x height approx. 20 cm, selling price: 9,330 yen). I felt the difficulty that it was hard to toss and turn.
Therefore, I replaced it with a slightly higher grade mattress PMTS22N-S (width approx. 97 x depth approx. 197 x height approx. 22 cm, selling price: 17,800 yen). With this mattress, the vertical width is 197 cm, so there is no gap between the bed frame and it looks neat.

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