Development Completion Report

update Last updated: December 16, 2023 at 11:08 PM

After the development of this site, the blog "WordPress multi-lingual site recommended plugins all commentary!" so i summarized the history of development in chronological order, please see.

Transposh, a plug-in that supports multi-lingual, makes a great contribution to the multi-lingual ization of websites, but it is not useful at all when it comes to automatic translation.

Currently, for the English translation of the blog, etc., but there are still articles that were left as automatic translation, while poor, I have been translating slowly by hand.
For your information, the English translation of this article is here.

However, in other languages, it is completely out of reach.

It's Transposh, but it's set to allow other people to translate it. (*Setting items below)

* “Who can translate ? -> ■Anonymous”

If there are people who can volunteer to translate in languages ​​other than English, I would like to ask them to translate with Transposh.

Learn more about Transposh

Thank you for your cooperation.


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