Updated the contents of the Shonan Hirataka Tanabata Festival, secret jewelry collection, etc. of the linked site

update Last updated: December 16, 2023 at 10:31 PM

The featured image is the homepage of "Shonan Hirataka Tanabata Festival" which was released at Geo Cités in August 1998 and moved to this server when Geo Cités closed in March 2019.

In conjunction with this core server migration, we have maintained the following sites linked from this site and updated their contents.

The content is old, but there may be some reference for it.
If you are interested, you are welcome to visit the linked site above! 😉

These websites are websites that I created more than 20 years ago, so it is inevitable that the design and creation are outdated, but due to subsequent browser specification changes, Java Script and HTML tags became invalid, and there were events such as inoperability and broken links.

In the old days, HP was optimized and built around Netscape and Internet Explorer. However, all of these browsers have been discontinued.
Therefore, we are currently optimizing browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft edge (Chrome version).

Therefore, we have carried out maintenance to respond to the above problems (rewriting Java Script, changing HTML tags, converting MIDI to MP3 files, etc.), as well as some content additions. (At present, broken links have not yet been completely resolved.)

In addition, the linked site is made for PC sites and is not responsive to smartphones and tablets.
Therefore, it does not meet the criteria for being indexed by Google, so I think it does not appear often in Google searches.

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