Smartphone support for image bulletin boards

update Last updated: December 16, 2023 at 10:29 PM

On Senri's portal site, the image bulletin board in the menu below has been PC-only so far, so in order to support the display of smartphones, the program that displays the image bulletin board "Joyful Note X" will operate responsively. Fixed.

The details of Joyful Note X are described in the article below, but based on JOYFUL NOTE v6.02 written in Perl, Lightbox2 (v2.7.1) is incorporated, and it is also bilingual (Japanese, English). It is also customized with additional features.

The latest version of JOYFUL NOTE is v7.3, but remodeling from this version will take a lot of man-hours and will be a lot of work, so I decided to fix it by modifying Joyful Note X.

In addition, we uploaded a photo of the evening at the 70th Shonan Hirataka Tanabata Festival on this image bulletin board.

2022.07.23 Added
As described in the article below, Joyful Note X v2.0 has been newly developed and the image board program on this site has been replaced. Joyful Note X v2.0 is based on JOYFUL NOTE v7.3 and incorporates the latest version of Lightbox2 v2.7.1.

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