In a hurry, we moved the server!

update Last updated: December 16, 2023 at 11:06 PM


It is a previous rental server, but i exceeded 10GB of bandwidth limit by over-access, i was able to stop the web server the other day.

I thought that because of the one-coin server of 100 yen per month, it is not a particularly stable server, in addition to a lot of content restrictions, because there was also a bandwidth limit, it was decided that the value of continuing to use any more is not the earliest, i decided to move the server in a hurry.

So, I backed up the entire WordPress system and database from the previous server and restored it to the new server yesterday.
There still seems to be a problem with the operation of some plug-ins, but the restoration of the DB was successful, and it started to work as a whole.

The new server is also a one coin server, but it has unlimited bandwidth, 20GB HDD capacity (the previous server was 1GB), and a major company is the backbone, so it should be fine this time!

No, I want to pray so. (^_^;)

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