Introducing Ethiopian opal jewelry, which is attractive for its colorful brilliance and fantastic beauty.

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I've been wondering about this since I started working on it,Tokyo Mineral Show 2021 The "Ethiopian Opal" that was exhibited at was inexpensive but of high quality and very beautiful, so I bought this opal jewelry online and added it to my jewelry collection!

Ethiopian opal is a new gemstone that only entered the market in 1993. The mining area is located on a plateau at an altitude of 2,450 meters, 160 km northeast of the capital of Ethiopia.
Ethiopia has been known to produce opal since the 1990s, but in 2006, rich opal deposits were discovered in the Wollo area, and large quantities of opal became available on the market.
Later, in early 2013, the export of raw gemstones was banned, and now Ethiopian opals that have undergone various treatments are on the market.

Ethiopian Welo opal is mainly translucent with a yellow to orange body, and is characterized by strong play of color.
Due to its recent discovery, there are many opals on the market that are relatively affordable compared to opals from other production areas such as Australia and Mexico.

The characteristics of Ethiopian opal, one of October's birthstones, are as follows:
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What is Ethiopian Opal?

Ethiopian opal is a beautiful gemstone with a colorful shine, and its fantastic beauty is attractive. This gemstone comes from Ethiopia and is characterized by its rainbow colors (play of color). I will explain it in detail below.

Meaning and effects of Ethiopian opal
Ethiopian Opal has meaning and properties of enhancing creativity. It is a power stone that gives you the "inspiration", "power of ideas", "imagination", and "originality" necessary for creating things. It is used when you want to bring joy and surprise to the world.
It also has meaning and properties of improving the flow of luck.

Features and value
Ethiopian opal is formed in a relatively short period of time due to volcanic activity, and is hot and contains a lot of water. Therefore, when the light shines on it, it creates a shimmering play-of-color effect.
Colorful opals whose brilliance changes depending on the viewing angle are called ``play of color,'' and each opal has a unique beauty. Ethiopian opal is characterized by its high water content and transparency, and is widely available on the market.
Items with a strong play-of-color effect are more popular, but items with strong red and orange colors are said to be more valuable than blue and green.

Beware of fakes
Because opals are so popular, counterfeit and manipulated products are on the market. Caution is required.
There are processed opals called "opalite" and "tablet opal". Some of these stones are so sophisticated that they are indistinguishable from real natural stones.
Ethiopian opal is a beautiful gemstone that brings happiness and creativity to its owner.

Ethiopian Opal Gallery

The Ethiopian Opal jewelry collection will be uploaded to the gallery below.
Natural Ethiopian opal is cheap if you buy it as a loose item, but it can be a little expensive if you make it into jewelry. In particular, bracelets with a high play of color effect and large beads seem to cost just under 200,000 yen, so I was only able to buy ones of reasonable quality and small beads💦

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