Recommended in Shin-Okubo! Dinner at ``Korean Restaurant Hongdaejumak'' with private room

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I made an online reservation for the Korean restaurant "Hondae Jumak" in Shin-Okubo through Hot Pepper Gourmet, and visited it for the first time on Sunday, May 5th, during the latter half of Golden Week.
I would like to introduce this restaurant because the food, atmosphere, price, and staff service were all good.

"Korean Restaurant Hongdaejumak" located in Shin-Okubo is a restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Korean cuisine in the style of an izakaya. It will open in June 2022 and is a 5-minute walk from Shin-Okubo Station. The store is spacious and has private rooms on the second floor, making it suitable for groups.

The features of this store are as follows.

There are over 15 types of pancakes, and you can also order popular menu items from affiliated restaurants. All-you-can-drink plans are also available, starting at 1,100 yen for 90 minutes.

It's a spacious space with a total of 100 seats, and the second floor offers private rooms where you can take mobile orders.
Cuisine: We have a diverse lineup of authentic Korean cuisine that you can enjoy in a pub-like setting, and we also have a wide variety of course meals such as meat courses and Chukobse courses.

The 120-minute all-you-can-drink price, which includes shochu and Korean sake, is 1,650 yen, which is good value for money.

If you want to enjoy Korean food in Shin-Okubo, "Hondaejumak" is one of the recommended restaurants.
Detailed menu and reservation information can be found on the official website, Hot Pepper Gourmet, Tabelog, etc.*1~5

【Detailed information】


Hongdaejumak is a Korean restaurant with completely private rooms, located a 5-minute walk from JR Shin-Okubo Station towards Ikemen Street. Click here for the access map☞ Hondejumaku Shin-Okubo store

To the private room area on the second floor

I had reserved a private room for two people, so I was guided to the second floor. The entrance along the street is narrow, but as you move beyond the entrance, you will find a spacious space on the first and second floors.

As shown in the gallery below, the interior of the private room is impressive with flashy neon lighting along the outside partition wall, but the atmosphere inside the private room is calm so you can relax and enjoy your meal. .
On this day, it happened to not be crowded, so there was no time limit, but on busy days, the use of the private room may be limited to 2 hours.

You can self-order online by scanning the QR code with your smartphone.
There is also a call button on the side of the table, so you can probably call the staff and order manually.


When I ordered a drink from my smartphone at a table in a private room, I received 6 small plates of appetizers.
For the dishes, we ordered Chukobse, Bulgogi Pancake, and Stone Grilled Bibimbap.
As for drinks, we ordered draft beer (Suntory Premium Malts), highball, plum sour, and lemon sour.

Chukobse is a spicy hotpot dish with a variety of ingredients such as octopus, shrimp, beef offal, and vegetables simmered in a gochujang-based sauce. It's moderately spicy (about 2.5 spiciness out of 5), but it's not super spicy, so I think it's probably okay even for people who don't like spicy food. I had a good time with alcohol. Since the set includes udon, I added some udon to finish the meal.

In addition, the bulgogi pancake and stone-grilled bibimbap were also delicious. In particular, there seem to be many other types of pancakes, so you can choose the one that suits your taste.


To pay, please confirm your payment on your smartphone and then pay at the register on the 1st floor. On the smartphone ordering site, you can also check your order history and current billing amount.
I ordered quite a lot of drinks, but the bill was quite generous😄

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