Meshiya Oiso Port 2015/1/25

update Last updated: March 14, 2015 at 8:27 AM

Yesterday, we went to Oiso Fishery Cooperative's restaurant “Meshiya Oiso Port” for dinner.
At this time, it seems that there are few kinds of fish that can be harvested, but they enjoyed various kinds of sashimi, such as squid, sea bream, flounder, cold yellowtail, and other sashimi.

Oiso-2015_01_15_01 Oiso-2015_01_15_02 Oiso-2015_01_15_03 Oiso-2015_01_15_04 Oiso-2015_01_15_05 Senri-Oiso-2015_01_15_01 Senri-Oiso-2015_01_15_02

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