500 error supating in Easy FancyBox plug-in update

update Last updated: May 27, 2020 at 2:44 PM

Today, when I updated the WordPress plugin "Easy Fancy Box" to the latest version 1.6.3, an HTTP500 internal server error (Parse Error: Syntax Error) occurred and the website went down.

Easy FancyBox is a plug-in for popping up pictures (gallery) in a blog.

Since the version of DB and PHP currently in operation is old, I've been having a lot of trouble recently because of some compatibility issues when updating plugins.
When I checked it online, it seems that the recommended environment of WordPress.org changed as follows when WordPress 4.7 was released.

PHP7 or higher
MySQL5.6 or higher or MariaDB10.0 or higher
HTTPS support

Therefore, I would like to proceed with the server environment maintenance, but various work such as DB migration is likely to occur, so I decided to avoid the error with a program patch this time.
It should be noted that FancyBox for WordPress can be used as an alternative, but there is a previous criminal record that caused a security hole problem, so I would like to continue using Easy FancyBox if possible.

The patch can be found in the WordPress.org ForumEasy FancyBox SupportWas in
Immediately after applying the following patch, the PHP parsing error was successfully avoided and the website was displayed correctly.

parse error after update..
mrtvy.kenny (@mrtvykenny)
1 day, 1 hour ago

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘ in …wp-content/plugins/easy-fancybox/inc/class-easyfancybox-admin.php on line 21
with the latest version (1.6.3)..

changed this:
public static function register_settings( $args = [] ) {
to this to work:
public static function register_settings( $args = array() ) {

We thank those who have updated the patch.

*March 22
Today, I tried increasing the PHP version from 5.3.3 to the recommended WordPress version PHP7 (7.1.1), but unfortunately it did not work properly.
When I asked the technical support of the hosting service company to investigate, it was said that there is a possibility that the WordPress theme program or plugin does not support PHP7 or higher, so it is currently operational in PHP5.6 that can be worked. 😢

2020.04.03 update
Currently, the latest version of Easy FacsyBox (Version: 1.8.18), PHP7.1, MySQL5.7, WordPress 5.4 environment is working without problems.

*reference: Upgrade MySQL Database to 5.6 [Domain King / WordPress]

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