Upgrade MySQL Database to 5.6 [Domain King / WordPress]

update Last updated: March 11, 2023 at 2:42 PM

The other day, as announced in the following news, the platform for running this blog system (WordPress 4.9.5) from PHP version 5.3, php 5.6, today, mysql database version was also upgraded from 5.1 to the latest version of 5.6.

I haven't actually measured it yet, so I can't say anything, but I hope that the performance improvement by upgrading to 5.6 will make the execution speed of DB access even faster.
The reason that it takes a little time to display the screen of this site is mainly the call of the access analysis program written in perl installed to check for unauthorized access, and the WordPress plugin that supports multilingual "Transhposh” overhead.
By the way, "Today's popular articles" in the widget area is a WordPress plugin "WordPress Popular Postsis displayed. This part appears a little delayed because it is an asynchronous communication via Ajax. It's a matter of 😉 loveliness.

In order to carry out this DB upgrade, according to the hosting service company Domain King, we backed up 5.1 DB and deleted the DB and rebuilt the 5.6 new DB, and then performed a series of tasks on the database migration process. I'm used to it, so i finished the work in about 10 minutes.

By the way, I also tried to change the table prefix of the destination directory and database.
It was the following schedule, but on the way, I could not log in to WordPress due to a problem with the permissions of the database, so I temporarily stopped this work.

1. Use the Hidemaru editor (UTF-8: Unicode code system) to replace the database table prefix in the backed up "xxx.sql" file with the new prefix table name ('abc_' → 'xyz_').

2. After importing the converted database information with phpMyAdmin, change the value of $ table_prefix in wp-config.php.

3.Log in to WordPress, and from the management screen,
Change the WordPress address and save the settings. (This time, the site address "senris.com" will not be changed.)

4. If the site address (URL) is also changed, the following processing is necessary
PHP ToolsSearch Replace DBTo correct the information in the database related to the site address.
* Example of site address change
・xyz.com/abc → xyz.com/def
・xyz.com → xyz.com/abc

5. Change the path of "wp-blog-header.php" described in "index.php" placed in the document root.

6. Change the permission of wp-config.php back to 404.

7. Change the WordPress installation directory name of the file system and log in to WordPress again.

Because the amount of data is large and the plug-ins are involved and the risk is high, I decided not to do this anymore.
otherTest server, the database migration attempt to change the domain name, path, and table prefix was successful, but failed in the Domain King server environment. 😆

However, now I think that there was a mistake somewhere in the work procedure.
Especially if the installation directory name matches the table prefix, the prefix will not be a unique key, so if you replace the ".sql" file directly, data integrity may be broken
In this case, replacing the table prefix is ​​troublesome, but I think it is better to issue an 'ALTER TABLE' SQL query in phpMyAdmin.

The following are the domain king administration screens (Plesk11) and phpMyAdmin screens during database migration.

The PHP version will be increased from 5.6 to 7.1, so the WordPress plugin "PHP Compatibility Checker" I also checked if the installed plug-in is compatible with 7.1.
* The following is the screen on the test server

As a result, unfortunately, it was determined that three plugins were incompatible. For plugins that are not expected to be updated in the future, I think that it is faster to fix the PHP program by yourself, so I will try it in my spare time. 😅

* 2019.05.6 update
On April 16, 2019, we have upgraded the PHP version from PHP5.6 to PHP7.1!
In addition, the plug-in to support the display on the feature phone (galacay) "ktai-style” does not support PHP version 7.0/7.1, so we have stopped ktai-style service along with the server upgrade. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to Garake users. 🙏

Please refer to the following articles for details of the current plug-in configuration.

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