Cheap renovation to the shower toilet of LIXIL Amege Z with automatic cleaning function

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The other day, the shower toilet in my home toilet was broken, so I suddenly asked a local renovation company to replace the toilet and shower toilet, and to replace the cushion floor on the floor. ⇒ Contractors: As-Reform (Asbex Co., Ltd.)

Toilet bowls were replaced with LIXIL / INAX's Ameige Z (Fuchires), and shower toilets were replaced with Amege Z's dedicated model CW-KA21QC (hot water storage type) equipped with the same manufacturer's automatic cleaning function.
Below is an image of that Before / After.

In this renovation, equipment was selected based on the following policy.

1. The color is trendy pure white… I was worried because pink was also cute, but prioritized cleanliness.
2. Borderless toilet bowl for easy cleaning
3. Separate tank / handwash and shower toilet with selectable combinations
4. Installed shower toilet with automatic cleaning function and wall remote control
5.Low budgetCan be constructed with

Previously, it was an old model Ina toilet + shower toilet TOTO apricot (flash water heater), so the shower toilet after renovation was a hot water storage type, and this function was downgraded, but equipped with an automatic cleaning function at a low price. In this regard, we decided to unify all with LIXIL this time.

For reference, the breakdown of construction costs is as follows.

Toilet bowl / tank: ¥ LIXIL Amege Z (Fuchires) with hand wash 45,080 yen… Purchased from a remodeling company
Shower toilet: @LIXIL CW-KA21QC BW1 [Pure White] 35,000 yen… Purchased from Yahoo! Shopping (including postage)
Standard construction cost: ¥ 25,920
Interior construction cost: ①Replacement of floor CF and soft baseboard 27,000 yen (Since replacement of toilet only leaves traces, it is better to replace floor CF as much as possible)
Total 133,000 yen (tax included)

As for the above shower toilet, it was expensive to buy it from a renovation company, so I decided to arrange it myself from the net, but the construction was done by the company, so I was saved.
In addition, a higher-level model of LIXIL that can operate fully automatically (such as automatic opening and closing of the lid)New STEP(CW-EA24) is also available. In that case, I think it will cost more than +35,000 yen.

Of course, there is a plan to adopt TOTO, the leading manufacturer of toilet bowls.
In the case of a toilet / tank / shower / toilet combination system, TOTO thinks that the following configuration (price is an example) is the strongest, but it is impossible to ask me to spend more than 200,000 yen at the moment ( Lol)

Toilet bowl and tank: TOTO Pure Rest EX 72,600 yen
Shower toilet: Apricot F3AW 115,992 yen
Standard construction cost: ¥ 25,920
Interior construction cost: ¥ 27,000 for floor CF and soft baseboard replacement
241,512 yen in total

The features of LIXIL's Amege Z (borderless) are the adoption of a new material "Aqua Ceramic" for toilets, which has completely eliminated the border on the toilet, makes cleaning easier, and has a new whiteness that will last 100 years. (See photo below).

* For details on the Amege Z toilet (Fuchires), please refer to the Rixil website. ⇒ Amege Z toilet bowl (borderless)

In addition, although the integrated type called Amage ZA shower toilet is also sold in the Amage Z series, this product is not recommended because of its durability because the tank and handwasher are made of resin. . Regarding Amage Z, both the tank and the handwasher are made of ceramics (made of resin only for the spout for handwashing).

In this construction, I had some predictions, but one unfortunate result was waiting. Because Amage Z is slim compared to Ina's old product and TOTO's product, as shown in the photo below, the wall on the back of the tank where the wallpaper on the back of the tank was not remodeled when it was reformed is exposed that's it.
I couldn't help but ordered the wallpaper only for this part on the net and put it myself.

* Updated on March 13
Today, I posted the wallpaper on the back of the tank as follows. Since it was my first experience, I repeated the re-pasting and finally managed to paste it. To match the shape of the back of the tank, and I recutted the wallpaper three times.
The back of the tank seems to be better to make a mold and cut out the wallpaper according to the shape once according to the shape of the tank. For wallpaper, I purchased raw glue wallpaper for water around 928 yen (1m) at Yahoo! Japan Shopping (Wallpaper Shop Honpo).

The gallery of the shower toilet CW-KA21QC of LIXIL installed this time is pasted below.

In addition, as a result of using it for several days, it is a frank impression.
Rixil's shower toilets are high-performance for a low price, but with regard to the "hit" of the shower, Rixil's top model (SATISPanasonic's integrated shower toilet Arauno, and Toshiba's cheap shower toilet, SCS-T160/SCS-T260, are soft and comfortable because bubble-in-the-air washing water is released into the nozzle. However, I do not think that Toshiba's durability is excellent overall, so there was no choice of Toshiba from the beginning.
By the way, the shower toilet CW-KA21QC of Ricksil is dedicated to Amege Z toilet (Eron gate size), so I think that it is good that the size fits perfectly.

For more information about CW-KA21QC, I wrote a review on "", so if you are interested, please have a look. ⇒ Automatic cleaning function is added to Amage Z toilet (borderless)

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