From Hina Mama Birthday 2022 (Horror Movie Cosplay)

update Last updated: April 19, 2022 at 1:54 AM

All cosplays performed by Hina Mama of Shinjuku 2-chome Popcorn at the 2022 birthday festival will be released.

This time the theme is a horror movie character that mom loves.
However, if you apply special makeup every day, your skin will be rough, so for the protection of your skin only for one day in the middle, it seems that you made it to the makeup of a drag queen.

It seems that he called a taxi with the makeup of the avatar in the gallery below, but he was 😅 refused twice.
Naturally, aliens don't 😓 take you in a taxi.

I think that those who did not visit the store will not understand, but it was more scary when I saw it up close~ 😱

Now enjoy the gallery 🎵 below

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